Shrimp Scampi – A Delicious Italian Pasta Dish With Lot’s Of Garlic, Wine, Butter, Parsley

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Boungiorno! Hey It’s Rockin Robin here from Cooking Mexican I’m in an Italian mood so today I’m going
to show you how to make some scampi. now my version has a lot of garlic and wine and butter and I’m gonna serve it over a bed
of pasta. So doesn’t that sound great? Ok so let’s go over our ingredients and I do want
to mention that you want to set everything up, all these ingredients up ahead of time, so they are ready
to go cuz this dish cooks up really really fast. Ok so our first ingredient is going to be our shrimp.
Now these are 21 to 25 to the pound. so they are very large and they still need to
be, I need to shell them and devein them. We are also going to need some olive oil, some white wine,
I’m going to be using some Sauvignon Blanc here. and over here I’ve got about 4 or 5 cloves,
always go a little heavier here on the garlic finely finely minced. I want that really fine so that it spreads
out in your dish nicely and you don’t get a big chuck We are going to need some butter, just regular butter for
this, and here I have some fresh parsley, chopped up, And over here I’ve got some one one green onion thinly sliced. some lemon, and some salt, and of course our pasta. Okay so the first thing we want to do is like I mentioned earlier, we want to take the shell off of the shrimp,
Now these I found are already de-veined. Now I don’t know if you can see right here but They made a slit right here and took out the
vein so we don’t have to do that. All we have to do is peel off the shell.
so what you do is pull it off like this. And it comes right off. Pretty simple. Now
one thing I want to mention to about frozen shrimp. Now I was taking a cooking class with a chef, and we were doing a dish, not scampi but it was a different dish, that involved some shrimp. And he was
mentioning that it’s a good idea, in order to avoid some food born illnesses, to buy your shrimp frozen. and I was kind of surprised when I
heard that but the reason for it is that it is handled less. So basically
what they do is, they catch the shrimp and they flash freeze it. So theres no handling really going on it just goes right into the freezer.
And you minimize the chance of getting some kind of illness from it. So the more
it’s handled, if they are taking out the vein taking the shell off and they are handling
it more you just have more opportunity for those pathogens to get in there. So just a little tip. So basically I will clean all this off. I
am going to leave the tails on today. You can take them off if you want
but I’m going to leave them on. And we will continue until I am done.
And then we will give these a rinse. Okay so now we are ready to start cooking.
Now the first thing you want to do is put your pasta in because that will take about 11 minutes to cook. and this shrimp, scampi cooks up in 5 or 6 minutes. So I want to try and time it as close as I can so
that as soon as the scampi is ready so is the noodles. I have my frying pan on medium high heat.
I’m going to add some olive oil. I’m not going to measure this out, I’m just going to pour this in. Coat the bottom of the pan and that’s quite a bit. I’m going to add my butter until that melts. Now
that the butter has melted into the olive oil I’m going to throw in the garlic and we
are going to cook that for one minute. Next up, we’ll toss in our shrimp. You
don’t want to over crowd your pan. So you want all of them to lay flat in
your pan, so they will cook up nice. Make sure your heat is on medium high heat.
They will start turning pink as they get done. You can see already that they are starting to get pink there. I’m going to add my onion. Let that cook in. Now I’m going to add a little bit of wine to this. Now like I said before, these shrimp cook up pretty quick. As you can see. If you over cook
them they are going to get rubbery. So we don’t want to do that. This is the
kind of dish you want to cook and serve. So it doesn’t work real well for a large group
because again you don’t want to crowd your pan. So if you had a group of 4 maybe you could
get by with cooking this. Making two batches even. Two different batches would work well. So now I’m going to add a little bit of lemon juice. Now probably about a
teaspoon full. I don’t want to over power it. Make sure you don’t get any seeds in there. Just
give it a squeeze in there all the way around. And I’m going to toss in the parsley. We have
a nice sauce going on here with the scampi. With that nice wine in there. Smells incredible by the way. This is about done. I’m going to shut off the heat. My pasta should be done and we will plate this up. Okay we just pulled everything off the stove. The noodles
are done so I’m going to plate this up. Beautiful. And now I’m going to top it off with some shrimp. Look at that. Steaming hot. It smells
so good with that garlic and onion. And the wine, everything together. Oh scrumptious scrumptious. This is going to be a good one! Now let’s get some of that
juice because we’ve got to get some of that juice on that dish. Get that sauce on there. Ah, look at that. It’s fantastic. You can see the onion and the parsley. I
wish you guys could smell this. It’s amazing! Alright, and if we want we can top this with parmesan cheese. But for now, I’m going to take a little taste of the shrimp. Because it smells amazing. I tell ya. Yum,
you guys are going to love this. So good! I hope you guys will give this a try. It’s fantastic. The aroma is incredible and the flavors are spot on. I hope you enjoyed this video. Be sure and subscribe to
my channel by clicking right up there on the button. And leave me a comment below. Let me know what you think. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you soon.

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