Sensory Wine Tasting At Brasswood Estate Napa Valley

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Napa Winery Inn – Affordable Comfort In The Napa Valley Brasswood Napa Valley The Sensory Tasting Experience At Brasswood Estate Napa Valley Map from Napa Winery Inn To Brasswood Cellars – Approximately 28 Minutes If you want to taste in our Sensory Room, you just request a “Sensory Tasting” and in
this room we use all of our senses from the olfactory, to visual, to touch, and taste. We curated each of these globes to a variety
of wine and our property sommelier does an amazing job on capturing what the flavors
are in the globes. So cabernet, you can smell the coffee, the
cinnamon, the raspberries, and the roses. And it really gets you in tune on the wine
tasting. Its an amazing tasting experience that you
must try before you leave. One of the best things about this room, is
we added this flavor wall, and on the aroma flavor wall, we can all have the same discussion
and use of vocabulary to describe wine. So if we have an earthy wine, we know exactly
the characteristics that we ‘re talking about from tobacco, to cedar, to going into the
chocolates of milk chocolate, or cocoa powder. And then the floral aspects to wine. The lavender, the magnolia and jasmine. Its just a fun way to really get involved
in the flavors of wine. See it, smell it, taste it. Napa Winery Inn – 1998 Trower Avenue Napa, Ca 94558 – – (800) 522-8999

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