Selling A Glass Of Wine To A Millennial Vs A Baby Boomer by Christiana Gifford

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Honey Bubbles Co-Founder Christiana Gifford:
  Maybe the pitch of the story comes first… “Where does the wine come from? What is the background behind the wine people?” A little education on the wine first.  I think that everybody is a little bit different. When you’re reading a customer, I think
that my background in hospitality has taught me to analyze the customer first.  What age demographic is that person.  You notice a huge difference between Millennials
and then also Baby Boomers.  It’s a little bit older of a clientele.  Like the Baby Boomers are going to have a
lot more brand loyalty and the opposite with Millennials.  They are more apt to switch their glasses
of wine.  They are not going to stick with the same
one every time. They are not going to come back and order
the same thing.  So you have to read the guests and make your
decision in terms of selling to them.  That way I feel like with Millennials, pitch
the story first, where does the wine come from, what is the background behind the wine
people, a little education on the wine first and then talk about the quality. Millennials want to be hooked by the story
first and then drawn into how it’s produced, the actual quality of the wine whereas a different
generation, they are more apt to not care too much background on how it’s produced
or where it’s coming from.  So if I was going to pitch a brand, a glass
of wine to someone, I would first assess the client or the customer and then decide whether
I wanted to start with the story of the wine or talk about the actual production of the
wine and then go from there.

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