SAG Artist’s Red Blend – Cooper’s Hawk January 2020 Wine of the Month

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Hello, fellow Wine Club Members! I’m Tim McEnery, the Founder & CEO
of our wonderful company and Wine Club and I am thrilled to be here in Beverly Hills
with Kathy Connell, the Executive Producer of the SAG Awards. Kathy, thank you for having us! Thank you for your wonderful wine! Well, we’ve had a lot of fun over the last
few years creating this incredible wine for you and
all of your guests. This is our third year working together,
and your 26th year producing the SAG Awards. And the SAG Awards are going to be on January
19th on TNT and TBS. Well, we brought along a little something
to get everyone ready to celebrate. This is a sneak peek of the January Wine of
the Month and also the Screen Actors Guild Awards for
the 26th year. Oh, this is wonderful! Thank you! That is so exciting and it tastes delicious! This will also be, I believe, on the tables
during the show. It absolutely will and people will be thrilled! It’s just delicious! Well, I also brought a surprise for you. I brought one of my boyfriends along! This is the Actor. It’s incredible how heavy it is! It’s bronze, so it’s a pretty heavy workout
for when actors win and have to walk around for press. For sure! We’ve got to get a little wine glass for him
here, I think. That would be a good idea because the wine
is wonderful! Tim, it’s delicious. Thank you! Kathy, thanks for having us
and for all of our 400,000 Wine Club Members and beyond,
enjoy the SAG Awards this season! Thank you for supporting both the SAG Awards
and the SAG-AFTRA Foundation! Of course! We’re thrilled to be a part of it
and thank you for your partnership!

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