Safari West Jeep Tour || Day Trip 1 from Bay Area, California || HD Video || PART 1

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hey guys welcome to our channel peppy
family guys if you are living in Bay Area or visiting Bay Area California for
a short period of time also if you are a wildlife enthusiast and looking for a
day trip I recommend visiting Safari West Safari West is located about 1.5
hour drive from San Francisco in the heart of wine country so let’s get started and experience this
journey through my lens discover wildest Africa at safari West not only kids even
adults gonna love this place at safari West you will find a variety of wildlife
like wild beasts romping rhinos and towering giraffes from ring-tailed
lemurs to the dazzling zebra nearly 900 animals from over 90 unique species
roamed through the 400 acre preserve if you have children who are under 4 years
old you are not allowed to take the shared jeep tour however you can always
book the private Jeep tour which costs more or you can take only walking tour there is a small cafe inside the safari
West where you can purchase beverages and snacks however if you are looking for dining
options you need to make meals reservations as part of Safari or
overnight reservation there is also an option of spending a night in the tents
at Safari West you need to book in advance at that means we have a four-chambered
stomach that means they process their food a whole lot different than how you
and I process food we have a lot of teeth we get in through
your mouth we chew that stuff up break it down
swallow it goes into our tummies typically doesn’t come back up just
starts looking around put the other way out that’s not what ruminants do they
draft they don’t have a lot of teeth now they have a bottom row and they got a
little bit in the back of their mouth so what they use those tongues those long
their prehensile that means those tongues can grip ahold of grasses and
leaves they have a lot of pigment on it the pigment is to protect the tongue
giraffes eat 70 pounds of food every day their tongues are out of their mouth
most of the days I want to burn their tongue off and so what they do with that
tongue then is reach out and grab leaves and grasses pull that food in their
mouth roll and compress it into a cut they don’t use their teeth a lot swallow
to cut down that 7 foot long neck goes into your chamber stomach it will get
processed there and then they shall regurgitated back up in their mouth
again and repeat that process over and over again until she breaks down 70
pounds of food which is why giraffes spend over three-quarters of their life
on diet most of their day and night has to be put trying to put food in their
belly or in the mouth and get it down so lots of straw
lots of alfalfa straw lots of alfalfa pellets get some sweet feed to get some
treats everywhere these are about 15 16 year-old rhinos
they can live mid to late-40s oh there we go
there who broke those parts there are about seven eight thousand-pound animal
so we have what’s called satellite hearing so that means that those ears
move independently of each other that’s how they because they have horrible
eyesight because they have little eye in a long optical nerve so they lose their
hearing or sense of smell to figure things out the Rhino populations as you
know the biggest problem for the Rhino is the horn there’s a cultural belief
out there the horn has medicinal value to it Oh charge Oh humans because they see
them as a so what they do exactly out on foot we can sit this close to them in a
vehicle because we this isn’t threatening to them you get out it
changes up their dynamics they’re not our pets we don’t treat them like pets
we don’t feed them by hearing we don’t scratch behind the ears if we have to
fill their feeders up and there’s four zebras but behind you that are making
their way over to you right now so they do actually breed zebras donkeys
and zebras horses together and they’re called zebras nekoma zebras and Sandra’s
receivers they’re the horse the worst zebra is called a zebra or source and
the donkey is called a Z dog or a donkey or I I have no idea honestly I don’t
know why other than maybe they believe that they’re gonna breed out some of
that aggressiveness by breeding it with a domesticated animal it doesn’t work it
doesn’t happen they’re weird animals they’re a lot of
times sterile they’re not very they don’t live very long they’re not very
healthy animals that’s a hybrid that’s not a very healthy hybrid tuna so I
don’t know I don’t really know I’ve seen them before they look weird you look a
little bit like a horse and look a little bit like a zebra they got a
little bit of faint striped patterns to them what’s the continuation of this
video in part 2 which covers exclusively the walking tour thank you you

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