Rockslide Road Zinfandel – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirit Video

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What’s going down everybody? Welcome back
to FairgroundsTV. I’m your host Peter Moeller of Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits in lovely
Danbury, Connecticut. Holidays are coming up. Next holiday is Thanksgiving. What we
have today is a beautiful red wine for that occasion. It is Rockslide Road, it’s a 2007
zin from California. So let’s give this a little check out. Getting some nice rasberries.
Some cherries. Oak is coming through. Its nice, lets give it a sip. Big cherris. A beautiful
flavor but a very little bit of a spiciness. You know, usually you get a nice spice from
zinfandel. It’s very subtle in the background, but those raspberries and may even a little
blueberry coming out in the flavor. It’s a great wine. We have a whole line of this at
the store, we have a couple whites and a couple reds. I think there’s a cab and a chard. This
is great. This is definitely something to check out. I believe it’s $14.98 at the store.
It’s a beautiful wine for for Thanksgiving. Come check it out, come down to Fairgrounds.
This is also available on We will see you on Friday for our beer video.
See ya!

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