Rochefort 10 – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits Video

By Brian Lemay 3 comments

Hello everybody. I’m Peter Moeller of Fairgrounds
Wine and Spirits and welcome to Fantasy Island! … What’s going on everybody, welcome tof
airgrounds tv we got a nice beautiful beer. A trappist ale. It is called Rochefort 10.
A trappist beer is a beer brewed by, it’s either brewed by or under the control of Trappist
monks which is very cool. This is considered a Belgian-style quaduple or Belgian-style
Quad. It’s very high in alcohol. This happens to be 11.3% ABV. These are some of the best
beers I’ve ever had. They are known to be dense, sweet great beers. I mean look at this
head. This is very, very off-white thick lacing. It’s got a beautiful carbonation. It’s this
deep dark mahogany and I can smell it from here.It’s awesome. Let’s give it a check out.
A little on the schnoz. Now this is just a big malty, a big ,alty beer,it swet its got
these dark candied fruits to it. There’s just something about it that’s not like any other
beer. This definitely deserves a check out from you guys out there and let me kknow what
you think ’cause this is phenomenal. I can’t wait to take
a sip. It’s raisins. It’s candied, almost
a little bit of nutty. The mouthfeel is fantastic, the carbonation is awesome. It’s just extemely
well put together. These beers are fantastic. I mean it’s just, it’s just perfect. I cant
describe it. It’s heaven. I love Belgian beer, Belgian quads. The darkness, the sweetness,
the candied fruits and everything thats going on and I love the 11.3%. This tiny little
12 oz bottle will do me good while I’m editing this video. I hope you guys enjoy this as
much as I do. This is Rochefort Trapist 10. Let
us kow what you think: comment, facebook,
twitter, whatever. You guys, skol!



Mar 3, 2012, 3:39 am Reply

There is NO lacing until you drink it and a foam residue is left on the side of the glass.


Mar 3, 2012, 12:10 pm Reply

Thanks for the comment! We use a traditional definition of lacing – any residue left by the head regardless of whether the beer has been sipped or not.When Pete swirls the beer you can get a great look at the beautiful lacing.

Volker König

May 5, 2018, 12:46 am Reply

The Rochefort 10 is for me the best Beer in the World. Thank you for the Test. Volker.

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