Roadman Law Office: Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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Hi I’m Charlie Roadman, Austin Criminal Defense Attorney. And today I want to talk to you about something that’s dear to my heart… non-alcoholic beverages. I know it sounds crazy. Most people think I’m nuts when I bring it up but give me an opportunity to explain why they are valuable. So what are your options? There are a lot. Non-alcoholic beers, there are dozens of different types that you can buy. There’s also non-alcoholic wine, which surprises people, and then one of my favorite new things there’s Curious Elixir, which is a mocktail, that just tastes like a mixed drink. It’s not always easy to find a non-alcoholic drink. If you’re buying them in the grocery store they usually have a couple different options. In Austin, I’ve found the majority of these at Total Wine which is a huge liquor store. Now at restaurants when you’re out you’re kind of lucky if they have one but you know when you’re looking for non-alcoholic beer it really doesn’t matter as long as they have one; it’s great. You know one of the tricks with non-alcoholic drinks is to put them in a cup like in a wine glass or in a beer mug or put a koozie on it you sort of create this illusion that you’re drinking; for one no one realizes you’re not drinking alcohol and what I found is if they do figure it out and say something, they’re actually usually very impressed and wish they were also not drinking. One of the objections that I hear a lot is that people know there’s the tiniest bit of alcohol in a non-alcoholic beer but there isn’t enough to cause a problem with portable
alcohol monitors. For example, I can slam a couple beers and then blow into this very expensive — it’s actually the device that the police use in Austin and it’ll
still blow zeros. Now it’s also interesting that it’s also healthy for you so much so that the German Olympic team drinks non-alcoholic beers after they perform because it helps with recovery, so it’s also a healthy drink. Listen to your lawyer, his advice is sincere You should try drinking non-alcoholic beer Listen to me you like grapes, right You should try drinking non-alcoholic wine Stop all the excuses I know what you’re thinking but non-alcoholic beers and wine and Curious Elixir makes it seem like you’re drinking

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AWESOME!! Thanks, Charlie!!

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