[REAL GOT7 Season 4] EP07. Drink, Play, Talk

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Let’s be honest, Real GOT7 [A sudden Bottle Flip game] [Mark dreams of leaving work on time] [An easy success] The person who drops it off the table should stay here forever. [Get through the mass and leave work] [A tense atmosphere by BamBam’s success] [So close] Almost.
[As expected, he failed] Bye bye, you did a hard word.
[Success] Yes, my team! [Blood pressure increases] You should stay here forever. Lie down here. Stay here forever. Ah…
[Pretend to be good] It never ends. What’s wrong with me today? Stay here forever. This got dented. [A sudden success] [Nyoung continues to succeed] [Three-out, Four-out] Wasn’t our team a winner? [Waiting for the teammate despite the win] [Like a miracle, Jackson also makes it] [I laugh because I feel embarrassed] Do it until you make it. We’re watching. Ah, this is funny. [Almost there or not] Why it doesn’t work? [Success] [Thanks to JB’s success, everyone could leave work] [30 minutes ago] Two, three. Come and Get it, Got7! Hello, we’re GOT7. [Going back in time, 30 min ago @ opening] – Where is it? – Here is… [This episode was filmed while Youngjae was having his back treatment that he couldn’t join] We are here to shoot the topic ‘Drink’, which we chose last time. What do you think? Isn’t ‘Drink’ means “drinking” in English? Beverage also can be called “Drink.” [Not the answer they wanted]
Ah, really? So do we just make beverages? [GOT6 expected something, but disappointed] [Today as well, they do rock-paper-scissors to divide teams] This can’t be done today. Then let’s divide team into two. Try it first and leave the game when you make a pair. [Divided opinion] Uh, that’s it x 2. [How I could be the same team with Yugyeom!] Wait, Yugyeom and I are same team… – So?
– So… I like it.. [Step back] Are you not satisfied?
[Auto hug] [Today’s cocktail makings are Blue Sapphire, Cinderella and Shirley Temple] [JB & Jackson’s PICK : SHIRLEY TEMPLE] This is blue syrup. S…Sniper. What? Sai-pi-o? [Mark & BamBam’s PICK : BLUE SAPPHIRE] So shall we make it? [Jinyoung & Yugyeom’s PICK : CINDERELLA] [Team Bbom-Jook-Wang-Gae]
* Bbom + Gaejooki, Wang-gae: Jackson’s nickname [Drink first]
[I want, I want] It’s Cider (Korean Sprite) [Add pomegranate syrup to Cider] Hello. Why are you taking all Cider? [Add 0.0001g] Wow! Tornado. [Add lemon peels] [Excited] [Squeeze the lemon] [Shirley Temple gets far from its original recipe] [Lemon extract spatters] [Jackson’s eye hurts] Don’t look at here.
[Haughty and sensitive] [Team Elementary Kids] [Closing the lid with grace] [What a funny bro] [Quite excited] Is this juice or a syrup? Is this juice or a syrup? Is this juice?
[Kid Yugyeom is unfamiliar with the lime juice] [Groove to the rhythm] [Pouring] Do you want to try? [Wondering the taste] [Shake it, shake it] [Man, it’s so cold] [Even bigger shaking] [Park Jinyoung, BGM maker] [MY SWAGGER] [Team Ameri-Thai] Brown Sapphire. [This team was supposed to make ‘Blue’ Sapphire?] [It’s too sour] [But he continues to drink] [A sour taste addict] [Let me try] It’s delicious. [BamBam’s style] [Team Bbom-Jook-Wang-Gae] [Writing something] [Mark and BamBam come to see] Did you drink it? [Jackson, absorbing orange] You should drink this. We are confident. We don’t need to drink. Ours is done.
[94 line made the cocktail first] Guys, excuse me. [Attention please] Here’s our explanation of the work. The work description. Here… Is it Cinderella? [Sherlock Holmes?;;;] [JB & Jackson’s cocktail, “Shirley Temple on Halloween”] There are knife and red color like blood. This is devil. There’s a writing of ‘Devil’ in Korean. This drink is for Halloween couple. A bleeding, knife in, and with the writing of ‘Devil’ – we made a cocktail for couple. (Horrible) Two people can drink together. I killed a devil. It’s new name we made is “I killed a devil.” I killed a devil! Shirley Temple. [Team Elementary Kids] [Satisfied]
The color isn’t that bad. [Like a pro bartender] [Even added garnish] Jinyoung, what’s that? This is too obvious to use a lemon slice as a garnish. Be more creative. [Scolding] Why? Obvious is good. [0 damage] We made the cocktail ‘Cinderella’. No no. ‘Kiderella’. [Jinyoung & Yugyeom’s cocktail, ‘Kiderella’] It’s the cocktail ‘Kiderella’. Hey, that’s because your team has Yugyeom?
[Sniper attack] [0 damage] Because it was too freezing. [Team Ameri-Thai] It’s not bad. It’s just like a lemonade. [A sour drink’s taste got better] Our’s is blue… no blue. [Where is blue and where is Sapphire?] This became orange brown. [Mark & BamBam’s cocktail, ‘Brown Sapphire’] Hey, what’s this~ – It’s Brown… Sapphire.
– But why do you call ‘brown’ with Sapphire? Its original name was Blue Sapphire, but we changed into Brown. That’s enough. Okay, then let’s carry them out and pick the volunteer to drink. It’s just right. We play team games and let the loser team to drink each. [Suddenly cocktails are changed into penalty drinks] That’s a great idea. Play the game as a team first and drink whichever team has a losing guy…. You know what I mean? Whichever team has a losing guy drinks. [Individuals play the game and the loser’s team drinks cocktails] I want to play that game, ‘Silent 007-bang’. [Yugyeom suggests the ‘Silent 007-bang’] Okay. – So shouldn’t we talk?
– Yes, you shouldn’t. Do we have to play that game? Can we just do rock-paper-scissors?
[So tired] Please, one time. [I want to play~] Okay. Do it, if you want.
[If maknae (youngest) wants, why not] Start~ [Super-fast 007] Ready, go. You should play it right. Don’t do that. Honestly, BamBam did like this quickly. But JB doesn’t need to play. You should drink, because we are in the same team. [Mark got caught and Team Ameri-Thai needs to drink cocktail] By the way, doesn’t JB need to raise his hands? Why? Did JB raise his hands? I didn’t raise my hands. When I said ‘bang’ to Mark, you had to do but JB did instead. I did it. I had to do. People on either side of Mark have to do. But two are not playing the game now. – What’s that mean?
– Nope. Hello. BamBam is eating even this table. Drink it all yourself. Are we playing game together? Drink it all yourself. It’s a game, but you guys are asking too much.
[Too unnatural] Ask BamBam to drink all! Let’s vote. [Everyone agrees to ask BamBam to drink all alone] Honestly, Everything, Its taste is fine but its look doesn’t make me to drink. Why are you obsessed with image?
[Hurt] So BamBam drinks only? Practice game x 2. Please give me one more chance. BamBam drinks alone, and let’s pick one out of five. No. I will drink this firstly, and let’s decide one more too. You drink first. Hold on. What I want to tell is… Whatever the situation is, Mark or Yugyeom made a mistake. Yugyeom didn’t, bro. – Yugyeom didn’t?
– He was right to raise his hands. – Yes, it was Mark.
– Oh man… Then Mark made a mistake… look. [JB’s desperate explanation to avoid drinking]
Actually, Mark got wrong in the game. But we voted to make BamBam to drink. – And, do you want to excuse Mark and ask five people to play another game?
– That’s not right. [Excessive reaction continues]
It doesn’t make sense. Then Mark should drink, too. – No…
– I was thoughtless.
[Embarrassed] Or two of you can drink one glass each. Or you guys do rock-paper-scissors to decide one. [Obsessed with rock-paper-scissors] Or you just play one more game. [More things to talk] Okay, rock-paper-scissors. – You should play this game right.
– Rock-paper-scissors. [Meanwhile, he lost] Why are you showing this while talking? ‘It was… it was…’ – Hello, Mr. BamBam.
– He hasn’t been serious for playing game. – BamBam, please drink this.
– But you understand. That sounds right though… – So you also drink this.
– No complain. – Let’s pick one person to drink this.
– Okay. Okay, drink them all. – This is the last.
– One more glass. One more game. – Wait. First BamBam, drink this.
– You should drink it all anyway. [Audio is overlapped~] You should drink it all anyway. Who said that. Don’t need to drink it at once? [Look at him]
Who said that? To drink cocktail, you should enjoy the atmosphere and…
[Can’t drink cocktail by one-shot] When you eat, you have to pay the money.
[Abrupt metaphor] Seriously, this is too sour. – Just drink it at once.
– I did a first try. I only drank the bottom. One-shot, Come on!
[Grumbling black hair BamBam drinks well] Start. – You should drink this.
– Is it start? Play this game first. Take a rest and drink this. Point it right. [The 2nd 007-bang begins without break] Wait, Jackson didn’t do this. [Jinyoung said a word] Jackson didn’t do this. I don’t need to do that. That’s only for the beginner. – You did like this. – T, T (Time) [Ingigayo MC Park] Let’s go. [His soul left his body by sudden cute attack]
– Hurry up. – Start. [The one who didn’t want to play the most a minute ago] [LIM-smile is the most excited] [Slowly, an accurate shot] LIM JB is selected. [A hearty applause] It’s fun. Just now, when you’re watching in slow motion… [Embarrassed] It was so close. You are caught. I will drink this slowly. Honestly, mine is hard to drink at once. No, try one-shot, if you’re a man. This all look sour. Honestly, the taste was good. [Love it] It wasn’t bad. Our drink taste gets better when more drink it. Done. Please drink it quickly.
[Hesitating] It was a nice finish. This one was too… Drink it like this. [Like drinking medicine] If you drink this at once, you will get sick. – If you do one-shot, you will get sick. Try it.
– I will try it. [21-year-boy must have a full of curiosity] Play the game first… I taste vinegar. [BamBam is sending S.O.S to hyungs (older brothers)] Let’s play the game first and drink together. – Stop talking nonsense.
– Why? It’s like you ate all dishes but asking to pay together. Does it make sense? This is so crazy. But I really taste vinegar. No, I taste vinegar from myself. – Really, one-shot?
– Yes. – Don’t use a straw but drink with a cup.
– I’m ready. Hold your nose and drink it. [They are too strict to give no generosity to BamBam’s penalty] Please call the ambulance. Drink at once. [Gulp-gulp] [I can’t drink] [Excessive scolding] Don’t say that. Because you lost… didn’t you? Did you eat, or not? Are you not going to pay? – No one-shot.
– I’ll call the police. You should drink it all. It is a calculation… The word when you pay every month for credit card… Installment? Installment.
[I can’t pay at once] Don’t you feel bad by looking at me? Try to drink this. – Did you drink this?
– I did. BamBam, especially today, your lips are… Your lips are so thick like this much.
[Your lips are especially thick today] Hello, I’m BamBam. Like this. Start. [Paying the balance]
You’re a man. My style is to leave the bottom part. No, there’s no excuse. He said his style is to leave the bottom part. Don’t make an excuse! Look at this. The bottom part is all filled with syrup. Who said to make like this? [That’s right] [Quite sorry] Hurry, hurry. No. That’s ice cube. It’s the first time to see this uncool boy. He really conspire him. [End up, BamBam finished 2 drinks ~ Praise him!] Hold on. Doesn’t he need to finish this garnish too?
[Revenge] – Does he?
– He does. That’s why the knife is here? To cut this and eat…
[Grasp the story in the cocktail] How do you know this work that well? [Jackson even didn’t know the work background] Anyway, it can’t be done until JB finish eating?
[Checking others] Not true. No one eats decoration, right? But it was made to eat. [Nodding] But I didn’t mean it. [Shooting the laser] I meant it as a decoration.
[What an easy guy, Jackson] Who added this to cocktail… Not cocktail, Who needs to eat this one by one when there’s a decoration…? I didn’t eat this. [JB’s side] That’s right. So, what do we do for the finale? What if we finish when BamBam succeed this here for last? [That’s how they had Bottle Flip and went home] – The person who makes the first can leave.
– Okay, call.


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When yaegyum said kiderella made me shocked idk why but it fluttered my heart ,my heart melted yoo??? (I hid under my blankets)

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Joy Araneta

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B.I’s Nice Timing!

Aug 8, 2018, 11:29 pm Reply

7:48 YUGI SAID "That's right my type". OMG EXO REFERENCE UP IN HERE
(Sehun says that part in Monster. For the ppl that didn't know)

Mazhar Aziz

Aug 8, 2018, 6:54 pm Reply

When jinyoung and yugyeom they looking so sweet

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Joys high note

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Grenda Kennedy

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