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Aam Panaa/ Green Mango Panaa Summer Cool Special 2 Medium Green Mango pulp (Boiled) for making sugar syrup, take 2 cup of water in a cauldron 125g sugar while sugar is melted, add ½ tsp Black salt powder boiled green mango pulp mix all well on simmer flame One can use ginger juice/ mint leaves juice/ lemon juice instead of dry roasted cumin powder for the flavor; here I used dry roasted cumin powder After mixing, off the gas and let it be cool at room temperature add ¼ tsp Black pepper powder, ¼ tsp dry roasted cumin powder in green mango+sugar syrup mixture mix well take 2 glasses and give 2 ice cubes per glass pour the mango pulp-sugar syrup mixture sprinkle 1 pinch of dry roasted cumin powder and 1 pinch of black salt powder if you like this , please share it and comment and subscribe my channel

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I think it's yummy.

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