Princess Cruises Tips and Tricks

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Hey cruisers, I’m Sheri with Cruise Tips
TV. Today’s episode was inspired by one of our
subscribers who asks “I’m about to sail on Princess for the first time. Any tips or hints for this line?”. Why yes, Jennifer we do! If you’ve been watching our channel for
a while, you’ve probably heard us speak very fondly about Princess. There’s a lot to like, so here are some
tips that should apply across most of the fleet:
#1- Choose your dining experience. Most Princess ships give you the choice between
anytime dining, where you choose your dining time in about a 4 hour window, or a set dining
time, usually a 6pm seating and another around 8:15pm or so. You’ll want to consider this carefully and
talk with your travel companions about this choice. The flexibility of anytime dining can be great,
but you can also end up waiting for a table if you choose to dine at peak times, usually
between 6 and 7:30pm. #2- Princess has a stateroom category that
we LOVE. These cabins are called mini suites, and while
they will cost a little more than a balcony, they won’t set you back as much as a full
suite. These cabins are much bigger than standard
balcony cabins and have a few little luxuries that we love. The first of which is a bathtub, a luxury
on any cruise ship. The second thing that makes mini suites special
is the separate sitting area, with a couch, and a little extra room to spread out. When we an afford it, we choose mini suites
because they offer more space, and what can I say, I love that bathtub (and so does our
little boy!) #3- Movies under the stars! Yep, you can watch movies, concerts, and whatever
else Princess deems appropriate for your sailing on a giant movie screen on the pool deck. We think this is pretty cool, and have spent
hours and hours watching documentaries, first run movies and even and music performances
from the hot tub on our cruises to Alaska. And, a bonus tip for you – sometimes, the
staff will provide you with popcorn, hot chocolate, blankets and even cookies during special movie
screenings. Just ask the crew! #4- Did you know that USA today voted Princess’s
pizza the best at sea? Let’s just say, we’re backing up their
vote. It is seriously delicious, and you don’t
want to miss it. On our first cruise, we found ourselves grabbing
a slice on the run just about every day and we’re not big pizza people. The crust is thin, it’s not overly salted
and ….just yum! Trust me here. #5-Speaking of food, Princess’s International
Café is a little secret that some cruisers never fully explore. If you’re walking by, you might think “oh,
there’s the coffee shop, and those pastries look nice”, but the International Café
is actually a 24 hour spot to grab not only an espresso, but a huge variety of pastries,
paninis, soups, salads and other items that vary throughout the day. We recommend you give it a try, not just for
a breakfast pastry. They usually list their menu items on a board
near the register. #6- Speaking of the International Café, When
we sail on Princess, we always buy a coffee punch card to be used to purchase specialty
coffees and espresso drinks at the International Cafe. What makes this little card unique is that
if you don’t use all your punches on your cruise, you can take it with you on your next
Princess sailing. As you can see, I’ll be packing this little
guy on my next Princess sailing. Don’t forget to save it! #7- If you’re looking for solitude on your
vacation, Princess has a mellow, spa like place just for you. It’s called the Sanctuary, and it’s an
adults only retreat. You can expect spa inspired snacks and drinks,
personalized service from the serenity steward and nice little touches, like MP3 players
to listen to, and a cabana-like vibe. Oh, you can even schedule a massage…nice. There is a charge, so you’ll want to do
your research and budget for it if it sounds appealing to you. #8- Here’s another tip for you. Princess offers a super unique experience,
if you’re sailing in a balcony or suite cabin, that a lot of people don’t know about. It’s called Ultimate Balcony Dining and
for a reasonable charge, you can have a romantic dinner, or breakfast on your own verandah. We’re talking steak, lobster, and champagne
here folks. It’s a bit of a splurge, so we don’t do
it on every cruise, but we highly recommend the experience at least ONCE. #9- The steakhouses on Princess ships are
a great value. For a cover charge that is MUCH less than
you’d be charged for premium steaks and chops at home, you can enjoy a multi-course
meal at either the Crown Grill or Sterling Steakhouse, depending on which ship you choose. You can enjoy appetizers, soups and salads,
entrees including steaks, chops and seafood, and fabulous desserts, all included in your
cover charge. And here’s a bonus tip- they actually have
a salt menu in the steakhouse. Of course, Princess offers other specialty
restaurants, this just happens to be our favorite. Oh, and as of today, it costs around $29 per
person. #10- I may just be saving the best tip for
last. If you’re a chocolate lover, you’ll be
a happy cruiser on Princess right now. Because Princess has teamed up with Norman
Love to feature high quality chocolate all over their ship, and I really mean ALL over
the ship. You guys…you can even have a chocolate massage
in the spa. Count me in! Right after the wine and chocolate pairing. That’s it for this episode. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
if you haven’t already. We hope you’ll leave your Princess tips
and tricks in the comments below and until next time, we’ll see you on the high seas!

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