Prevent Coronavirus with this Tea & Masala drink | Action in Prague | in Tamil | English subtitles

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Fear of death. Empty streets. Less movement of people. Nobody goes near driver Everyone maintains self discipline What can we do Green tea & Masala milk Hai, Hello, Vanakkam. Welcome to Dosa to Pizza. I am Kanchana Jayakumar Lots of viewers have asked how is the effect of Coronavirus at our place and how is life there now We have put together a small video. We live in Czech Republic in Europe next to Germany On account of Coronavirus, state of Emergency has been declared. Country wide Quarantine has been enforced for a few days. Our movements are greatly restricted. Though it is difficult, we do not go out of our house. It is important for us to stop the spread of this disease – to get it or spread it such a self control and self discipline is observed here which is very good Every resource has to be shared. Surroundings to be clean, not to spread disease…. this is Indian culture Such good Indian citizens should abide by the rules, do not go outside and prevent spreading any disease, co-operate with the government People are not there in the streets. Very less of movement Most of the people are working from home Whoever needs to go, are also going All shops are closed. Restaurants have a window where limited option food is sold. Only one or two persons come and buy. Public have to wear masks. The buses are almost empty. None can go near the driver. This will prevent spreading of disease to public servants This is a good thing. The buses, trams and trains will keep running Everywhere protection has been given from spreading the disease or getting infected and also supervised Like this we should also respect policemen, doctors, those at public service like drivers, etc. The disease does not lead to death for all but it is important that we should not undergo the sufferings of the disease and stop the spread of this and stay away from this We shall see what we can do to get immunity against this disease We shall make a wonderful green tea…a concoction type We shall start the morning with a green tree and end the day by drinking a tasty and healthy masala milk at night Let us see how to prepare both. See ingredients in English in description below Place a vessel with 200 ml of water on the stove and let it boil Put the ginger in the mortar and grind it with a pistle Put the crushed ginger into the boiling water next put the pudina leaves and grind it. Then put the same into the water Next, take the karpooravalli leaves, crush them and put into the water Lastly add jaggery If not you can use honey, which is very good but add after the preparation Close it and let it boil for 3 minutes In the meantime, let us do the masala milk. Heat 200 ml of milk on a stove Add turmeric powder Next add pepper powder This needs to be taken in warm condition before going to bed This milk will prevent throat irritation and cough Let us filter the green tea now. This will be good for the throat Try out both these immunity drinks – green tea in morning and masala milk in night and keep your throat clean Special thanks to Balaji and Preetham for helping out with the videos Next week we shall put out a similar immunity rasam recipe Try out and send us your comments

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