Pre-wedding excitement, hiking and wine!

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I’m headed back to New York City. And why, might you ask? So Connor and I hopped a train from the
city up to the Hudson Valley to do one of our favorite things. What are we going to do? We’re going hiking! Here’s what we’re packing:
water, sunscreen, sunglasses, dates almonds, crackers, cheese, and Bota Box wine. I mean, we ARE in celebration mode! We’re going to keep it local, and we’re hiking the Greenport Conservation Center. Ready? Let’s do this. Whew! It’s getting toasty. Let’s continue. This is what he does, he’s always looking
for critters, wherever we are. What’d you get? It’s a froggy friend! -Lil’ bud. -What’s his name? -Frances. -Frances the Frog? -Yeah -Ribbit, ribbit. -Do you want to hold him? Time to let you go, buddy. Look at me we’ve got! Let’s take a break
for some nourishment, shall we? The reason I brought Bota Box is because I love that it comes in a variety of sizes, and the eco-friendly packaging goes a long
way… especially when carrying it on your back! Anyone who loves adventuring in the
outdoors will love that. Wine while hiking? Amazing! It’s nice to forget about everything going on around us right now. and to just be with my partner, doing
what we love to do together. -Yep, I’ll toast to that. -Cheers. -Cheers! Alright, we’re going to finish this stuff off, finish up the hike and then, you know,
we’ve got to get hitched, go on our honeymoon, all that good stuff. Thank you for joining us today and I’ll see you here soon! As always, keep it quirky. Peace! Oh, and for the record, we use hand sanitizer after we touched the frog. -Yeah guys, we’re not gross. -We’re not gross. -Come on! Thanks to my friends at Bota Box. You
can check out to find a retailer near you that carries the

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