Pour Spouts: Two Money-Saving Tips for Your Beverage Program

By Brian Lemay No comments

Hello, everyone, it’s Dave from Barmetrix
and The Bar Shift again and today we’re here to talk about POUR SPOUTS. this is my version
of an infinity gauntlet! So here’s the deal, real quick: Standardize
your pour spouts. I got all four of these from one venue! No Bueno! The second thing is: You gotta practice. So standardize your pour spouts and make sure
your team knows what your standard pour is relative to the equipment. Most bartenders are running on a 4 count or
a 6 count— what we need to make sure is that the four count or six count lines up
with your standard pour and the pourER that you’re using. I don’t care which pour spout you use, but
standardize it—and then we need to practice our pour count with a standardized pourer
in your venue, for those of you that are free pouring, to make sure that we’re not in some
sort of over-pour situation. Standardize & practice, my friends! We’ll see ya next time.

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