Portland Plant – Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative

By Brian Lemay 2 comments

As Oregonians, we’re just blessed with
this overwhelming abundance of natural beauty around us. This is a state we’re
proud of. With more and more people moving to Oregon, processing 1.2 billion
containers a year isn’t easy. You’ve got to keep up. At OBRC, we have operations
throughout the state. We have our headquarters in Portland – the nerve
center of everything that we do. Oregon was the first state in the nation to
enact a bottle deposit return system and we’ve had to learn from that. It’s a big
organization. We have about 300 employees and they’re doing a tough job every day
taking those empty bottles and cans and turning them into something useful. Our
employees get up every day knowing that OBRC is a place that is actually
making a difference in the world. When you redeem your bottle and can that
container will get processed right here in Oregon, helping create Oregon jobs, and 100% of that material gets recycled. That’s the magic of what happens behind the scenes and it’s really fun to be a part of. Recycling is about engaging in a system.
It’s about building community. It’s about being part of something larger than
yourself, taking something that we’ve used and using it again turning it into something new that’s part of our ethos. The fact that we want
this place here for our kids and grandkids.


Casey Jones

Oct 10, 2017, 6:37 pm Reply

I was driving in oregon and on the side of the road was countless partially crushed cans. My buddy and i parked on a turn out point and spent some time picking up the cans and plastic bottles. We even which found a glass Gatorade bottle, which has got to be 30 years old, so needless to say some of these cans and bottles where there for a while. We went to recycle the cans at one of your locations to find you only take cans in good condition. If this video is true then why wouldn't you accept the recyclable cans and bottles on the side of Oregon beautiful scenic highways?

jena mccoy

Feb 2, 2018, 2:15 pm Reply

Can you make a video of exactly what you donaccept? Can’t seem to find anything anywhere besides the pdf. Also a lot of my bottles still don’t say oregon return yet I am told they are returnable.

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