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Hi there!
Welcome to Vinhos de Bicicleta” channel. Today weII be talking about a subject
that we might have talked about before, but it will only appear now.
WeII talk about wine ratings. [Music] To start talking about wine ratings,
I have to start talking about a wine app called Vivino.
In this app there are wine rates. Its very cool for a
consumer that doesn´tt know, or never heard about that wine.
Its nice to have a notion about it. The only thing I ask you, that I give
you a tip: dont take this too seriously. Dont take this
wine rates like: Wow, this wine has a bad rate,
so, I won´tt try it.” You will surely lose some great
experiences in the world of wine, just for believing in that generic rating
given by a million people or more. Do I recommend using it? Yes, I recommend,
you can use it as a personal wine catalog. I use this app more as a personal wine
catalog, mucho more than to see the rate, to see the price, because the those
things varies a lot from region to region Even here in Brasil, it varies a lot because
of the interstate taxes that we have. So use it but, as all in wine dont be so
radical, be more flexible at this point. When we talk about rating,
we have to talk about the most respected ranking in the world,
that are given by wine critics. And even about these, I say to you:
Don´tt be so radical, is not worth it.” Talking with some friends over here the asked:
But, Rodrigo, are you against those rankings?” No, Im in favor of those rankings,
they help us, they guide us. But they are not definitive paths, just that.
This is my opinion. Those rankings can help you to define your
taste, to define what do you like and dislike. For example: Robert Parker, that weII
mention in this video as a great wine critic and he gives rates. If not the
famous one, one of the most famous one. The has a very particular
taste for woody wines He is very fond of those wines that are quite
loaded with oak, showing shades of vanilla notes, of leather notes and
even notes of the wood itself. And, not allways youII enjoy this kind of wine,
sometimes you like more light bodied wines, ligher ones. So, you cant blindly guide yourself
by Robert Parker, for example. III give you some tips about which are the main publications of the world for you to guide yourself. That is because in the world of wine, in
fact, it can raise or lower the price of wine By no means you should use this
as a one-way ticket, like a: No, from now on, I´III only try rated wines,
I´III only taste rated wines.” Be more flexible that your life
will be happier in the wine world. Now, if you are really lost and you want to
prove something new and want to see ratings, III list you publications that
rates wines from 50 to 100. From 50 to 59, youII find inferior or
unaccepted wines according the publication, From 60 to 69,
are wines bellow the average. From 70 to 79, are average wines,
that is, wines in the average, with nice cost-benefit ratio. From 80 to 89,
are really nice wines. From 90 to 95 excellent wines and from
96 to 100 are the exceptional ones, according to the publication
that has rated it. So, starting with the one that Ive
talked about before, that is Robert Parker He is an American, was a lawyer,
he is a guy that is very above average to taste flavors and aromas of a wine.
He is great guy. That’s why there is so many documentaries
about wine that has interviews with him. This guy was even threatened with death because
depending how low was the rate that he gave to a wine, its value fell a lot and then,
the business started to be tricky. Is a nice rating but, as Ive said before, the
style of wine that Robert Parker likes wine a woody wine, aged in oak barrels.
He enjoy this particular style. So that Argentinian wine, Chilean
wine are well rated by Robert Parker, youII see them and find that
they are this kind of wine, vines to be aged, woody ones,
lots of intensity and velvety tannins. This is Robert Parkers style. He rates wines from all over the world
in his publication: Wine Advocate. And there is another nice publication, from
England, that is Decanter World Wine Awards. Its intials are DWWA. It also rank wines
from 50 to 100 points. Its a monthly publication and for being from
United Kingdom, ranks many European wines It also rank wines from other countries but,
most of the wines are European ones. So, if you are a person who wants
to know more about European wines, from regions that you dont know yet,
this would be a nice publication for you. And just to remember that there is a famous
importer here in Brasil called Decanter. It has nothing to do with it. The one that Im talking about is a
publication, it is Decanter Magazine, and it is from United Kingdom,
from England. And in the US there are two other publications
besides Robert Parker, that are really famous. They have more influence in USA,
in Americas, than in the rest of the world. But they are also very important.
They are Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast. All these has its online versions as well, where you can find its rankings, and, I like them a lot.
Also, the Wine Spectator ratings looks a lot like Decanters ranking,
they have a similar style. But the Wine Spectator has more
influence in USA and Decanter, in Europe. And there also a guy that is worth to
be mentioned that is Stephen Tanzer, he is considered the natural
substitute for Robert Parker. Robert Parker is getting old and has made
a gigantic career in the world of wine. Stephen Tanzer is considered the
natural sucessor of Robert Parker, he is a very respected guy and
has also ranked some wines. If you are looking for na alternative to Robert
Parker, you should look for Stephen Tanzer, he might be interesting for you to
follow on your route to wine knowledge. When we look for more
regionalized things, there would be the Peñín Guide that
is the main guide for wines of Spain. There is Gambero Rosso,
that is the main guide from Italy. But, Gambero Rosso does not gives rates,
it gives the wine glasses, one glass, two glasses or three glasses. Three glasses are called Tre Bicchieri”
and represents well ranked wines by Gambero Rosso,
but it is a guide of wines of Italy. And here in South America we have our
dearest guide called Descorchados. So, if you want more local things,
more specific ones: Peñín Guide in Spain, Gambero Rosso in
Italy and Descorchados in South America. They are really nice guides,
very respected and regional ones. At last, one of my favorites.
I only have left her for last because she has a different style of
ranking from the others. It gives scores from 12 to 20 points,
so for you to have an idea, 12 points would be equivalent to
50 points in other publications. 20 points would be equivalent
to 100 points in other guides. And all in between,
youd have to calculate. Jancis Robinson is British and she has
ranked a series of Brazilian wines. And here in Brasil, not to use 17 points,
because it would be a super score. Some wineries approach what would be equivalent
to this in the vicinity of 100 points. Because 17 points from Jancis
Robinson is a super wine. 18, we dont even have to mention. So generally, you wont see 17
or 18 in the bottle of the wine. YouII see something
around 100 points. In her official publication is 12 to 20
points, a little bit more complicated. But I recommend her a lot,
that is because she is a great wine critic. She has a wonderful history in
publications all around the world. She has a series of books disclosed,
written by her. Including Wine Grapes, that is the largest
catalog of Vitis vinifera grapes ever made. She is a coauthor of this book, and she has
a beautiful history in the world of wine. I really recommend
her guide of wines. Sometimes give a harvest a note and
this is interesting because there you get technical characteristics from that harvest:
if it rained a lot, if the sun was nice, the thermal amplitude was nice,
what were the main influences of the climate. And there are better vintages than others,
even in those expensive wines, that it affects its value
from vintage after vintage. I think that is nice but, do not follow it in
a radical way because in wine, is not worth it. There is a bunch of tips for
you to open your wine universe. Now even with tip of
international critics. This is a nice video to start the year. So, have fun in this new year.
Thats it. Cheers. Good, this one is not rated.
But it is good.

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