Pineapple Yule log with Sweet Bordeaux wine – Christmas Recipes

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Welcome to recipes with Sweet Bordeaux. Today, we are going work with pineapple. We are going to make a Yule log. Wen need: a pineapple, a lime, some brown sugar, some grated coconut, some silver decoration beads, flour, some mascarpone and four eggs. So, for the génoise, we separate the egg white from the yolks. We’ll beat the yolks. We’ll start slowly. I am going to add the sugar now, during this time, We are going to beat the egg whites. The egg whites begin to rise well, we can see the traces of the whisk. Our egg whites are ready, we are going to add the yolks. We are going to delicately mix the flour. I place my baking paper and I will pour the mix right in the middle. I let it flow and you can spread a little with the spatula, Spread the paste well. A little tip for removing the air bubbles: we take the plate and we’ll drop it on the worktop. Just bake in the oven at 160 C (320 F) For 8-10 minutes. We will tackle the pineapple tartare. So, take off the top of the pineapple, the bottom and we are going to cut it into little dice. Voilà, our génoise is ready. We will remove it from the mold. We are going to take a second baking paper. We are going to return the génoise. We need to take the baking paper off slowly. We are going to season it now with a little bit of Sweet Bordeaux , We will cover the génoise using a brush. I take the mascarpone, I whisk it a bit. We add the rest of the Sweet Bordeaux, stir gently. We grate the lime zest. We whisk again. We will spread it well, like this, with a spatula. We are now going to add our pineapple tartare. Just like that, to tickle the taste buds, I begin to put a little bit of grated coconut. Here, it is a bit delicate because we should not break the génoise, so, our baking paper is used for that… to start I serve well. now we only have to beat the egg whites, We will place it using a pastry bag. Now, we’ll put it in the fridge for two hours. We can place a little silver bead on top, of the grated coconut, a little bit of lime, lime zest, Not too much. I suggest you put the rest of the pineapple around it. I wish you A merry Christmas. Me, I am off to taste. See you soon!

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