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Hi! I’m Natalia and I’m doing a Specialty
Sodas review of Pimento Spicy Ginger flavor for SpecialtySodas.com. This bottle is made of glass, it’s 250ml
and it’s from France. So, my first impressions of the bottle is that it’s very, it’s
not, it’s not a full size bottle. It’s kind of, more squatty in here. It’s thick
around the outside and it comes to a small spout here. It fits easily in your hand. This
would be good for travelling. It’s pretty easy. The labelling is red and gold so it has a
very sophisticated feel to it. This Pimento is a, is a… pepper with some vines and thorns
around it so I have a feeling that it’s, it’s going to be aggressively spicy. [laughter]
But we’ll find out. It says serve chilled so I’m going to drink it, it’s cold right
now. And it says “Drink neat or mixed,” so I’m assuming that this is something you can
add alcohol to. It has 70 calories per bottle and 18 grams
of sugar. It has no sodium in it. The ingredients are carbonated water, sugar, acidifier: citric
acid, natural flavors, acesulfame k, [laughter] sucralose and caramel color. So… I’m pretty
excited about this right now. On the top it says: “tourner pour ouvrir” or something
in France [laughter], so I know that it’s authentic. I’m guessing that means “twist
off.” [opens bottle, pop sound] Oh, I had a little “pahh” come out, so
there’s some gas in there, carbonation. Oh! [smells drink] Mmmm. My first impression is
that it smells [sniffs bottle] … gingery. It smells really gingery. [sniffs bottle]
And on the outside it kind of has this yellow look, but when I’m looking inside there
it’s more clear. [pours drink into cup] Coming out of the bottle right now, it’s
not too thick but it does have a lot of carbonation. [smells drink] There’s a froth on top, just a real thin layer
of flo, froth, from the bubbles which is dissipating right now. [smells drink] My feeling, as I’m about to drink
this is that this is like a really fresh, kind of a healthy taste coming to it. [drinks beverage] Mmm, it’s really good. Ooh..! It has a kick
to it. Ahh! Ah! I wasn’t prepared for that! [laughter] At first it’s really sweet and it has this
ginger taste to it, and like a sugary taste to it. And then… it’s definitely burning
in my throat, but a good burn. I just wasn’t ready for it. So, now I understand why it
has the thorns behind the pepper there. [drinks beverage] It has an aftertaste to it which is that…
[takes breath] which is that really spicy feeling. Ahh… Everytime I take a sip of
it it’s just like so much spicy in my throat right now. I definitely feel that happening.
Wow! This is really spicy. I hope you’re ready for that. Not so spicy like it’s a
heat but more of like, it’s got a kick to it. Like a, a very tingly sensation. It’s
not like spicy like an actual pepper. [drinks beverage] As I’m drinking it, it, it definitely, the
thing that overtakes you is that tingly spicy feeling. That’s what it feels like right
now. And then it does have like a little bit of ginger [laughter/cough] it does have like
a little bit of a ginger, sugary aftertaste to it. Yeah, like, as, as I’m drinking this I can’t
help but think about anything else besides this drink because it does have such a sensation.
And I kind of feel like a tingly happening like… in my body, like a heat that’s kind
of taking over. I can feel it behind my ears, a heat to it. I think this would definitely
be good with alcohol in it. Because it does have that heat taste to it. It might cancel
out some of that alcohol taste. I think that I would pair, I would pair this
with, like, something that’s not too flavorful in itself because this is a really strong
drink. Either drinking it by itself would be great or maybe adding some alcohol to it.
I don’t know that I would pair it with something else, unless it was like a sushi, or like
something that’s really fresh tasting, because the ginger would go really well with the sushi. If I had to describe this in five words or
less, I would say: “This drink will kick your butt!” [laughter] It’s got, that was more
than five words, but, it’s got, it’s got like a kick to it, and it’s definitely something
that if you haven’t tried it before, you’re gonna, you’re gonna be like “Whoa!” I really enjoyed this beverage and I would
give it five stars. I think that everyone should try this because I’ve never had anything
like this. This is really unique… drink. And I feel, I feel like a cleansed feeling
afterwards and that’s probably the ginger. It’s not like a full, it’s not heavy inside,
but it does leave you with that heat that I feel right now–it’s in my chest, it’s
in my ears and kind of like in my elbows. I… I, I think that this reminds me a lot
of sushi [laughter] because of the ginger taste to it. But if you don’t like sushi,
you’ll still like this because it doesn’t actually taste like sushi, it tastes like ginger. If you want to try this yourself, and if you
want to know where to buy it from, you can buy this at SpecialtySodas.com. So, once again, my name is Natalia. I’m
doing a specialty soda review of Pimento Spicy Ginger for SpecialtySodas.com. It’s good. [laughter]


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