People Drink Beer From “The Beer Belly”

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– What if I told you
that there was a flask you can put on your belly. You heard me. Apparently there’s a product
called The Beer Belly and we’re gonna go around
the office to try it out. Let’s go. – [Host] Hey Garrett, – Oh, hey Kevin. – [Kevin] Do you want to
try out this Beer Belly? – I already got one. – It’s 11 o’clock, I guess
I can drink some beer. – [Kevin] Here you go. – Ooh, this where you hide beer. I feel like this is gonna
be amplified times 10. – I’m curious to see how
well it stays carbonated. – I guess I kind of expect
to have my thirst quenched but be partially ashamed while doing it. This isn’t really like a classy look. – [Kevin] Do you wanna to try it on? – Hell yeah I wanna try it on. If you got beer. – [Kevin] We got beer. – You got rum? – Woah. This is way bigger than I expected. – I don’t know if it
looks complicated or easy. I feel like I’m planning
something that’s not good, you know what I’m saying? – It’s actually designed pretty well. I like the fact that
it’s got overall straps. – So I’m about to fill this with beer, and get to secret drinking. – Okay, I’m up with this. This guy is a genius. – So now, I’m gonna try to withdraw beer from my depository. – This feels like you’re
doing a keg stand. ‘Cause you’re literally
sucking beer into your mouth. It’s very refreshing. – It’s doing what it intended to do. It’s moving beer from here to here, but through a very
elaborate tubing system. – Yeah, I wouldn’t mind walking with this, just drinking my beer all day. Hey, how you doing today
(speaking Spanish). I’m like, “Fantastic!” now that I’ve got my Beer Belly. – Places off the top of my
head where the Beer Belly would come in great: recitals, museums, places where drinking
just like a bunch of beer is frowned upon. – I would recommend this
for anyone that wants to drink on the go and you’re like, oh I want to drink a beer but I don’t want anyone to know, I would try this. – Well, I think it’s safe
to say that the Beer Belly is both effective and very weird. But that’s not going to
stop me from bringing it to the local ball game. Would you get it? (fun music)

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