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– What’s the sex skill
you’re most proud of? (laughs) Everyone else answers. – I love to suck dick
and go down on girls. Like, I just. – [Woman] There ya go. – Sorry mom and dad. (laughs) (classical music) (all together) To the truth! (Group) Hey. – [Producer] Does anybody know why you’re all here specifically? Do you know what you all have in common? – I think it had to do with sexuality? Pansexuality, bisexuality.
– [Producer] Okay. How does everybody identify? – Pan. – Pan/queer. – Pan. – Bi/queer. – Pansexuality is
something that encompasses the entire spectrum. It’s like, I’m all about lovin’
folks and bein’ loved on. – [Producer] So, today
you’re going to be playing Truth or Drink. You’re going to take turns choosing a card from the top of that deck. Each card has two questions. You’ll assign the questions
to two people at the table. Whoever you think had
the best answer, wins. Britt, I’ll have you draw first. – Kaden, I would like for
you ask Scott Question A, and Scott I would like for
you to ask Kaden Question B. I’m already forgetting names. (laughs) – Okay, what’s the most serious
crime you’ve ever committed? – Oh shit! (laughs) Back in high school, my buddy
and I would make pipe bombs and throw ’em in garbages
and then drive away. I dunno, some fun at the time.
– Can I ask you a question? – Yes. – Were you a skater back then? – Yeah I was. – So I was a sketchy little
– So I was like, alright. – Asshole skater kid. (laughs) Me and my buddy, we’d skate and then go blow shit up and we thought we were super cool. – Yep. – I love that answer,
already, this is rough. (all talks over each other) – Kaden, what is, or would be, the worst thing about having
me as a travel companion? – Well that’s a harsh question. Okay I’ll take a shot ’cause I don’t wanna say
anything mean about this guy. – [Producer] Love that answer.
– Okay so Scott won. I think that’s great, diplomacy is key, but, we came here to win. – Alright, this one’s good. What’s the sex skill you’re most proud of? (laughs) Everyone else answers. – What kind of question is that? – I dunno but I’m glad I don’t
have to answer it. (laughs) – Okay, I’ll go first. Paying attention to my partner, That’s what I’m gonna offer up there. – How do I not toot my own horn. (laughs) – I’m a cunnilinguist, I’m very skilled in all matters of the mouth, specifically, between the legs, yeah. – Yeah, same. (laughs) – I know you have to offer up something! Put it in your own words. – I mean yeah like, I love to suck dick and go down on girls. Like, I just, (laughs) I love it, like you know? It’s like, how can you not wanna, hmm. – Yeah. – How can you not, yeah, I’m done. – [Producer] Alright Dani, who won? – I dunno, I feel like Britt
may have won that one though, ’cause, for cunnilinguist. We’re dusting this joke off from like, the 2007 era.
– She’s a punster. – A punster (laughs). – So Dani, because you
were excluded last round, and we’re all about inclusivity here. – Thank you. – I want you to ask britt Question A, and Britt, if you could
please ask Dani Question B. – Britt, have you ever had
a threesome, would you? (laughs) – Ah, yes. – Yeah, no, yeah.
– Group sex woo! – I’m not a neuter I’m just
like, drunk and nervous now. (laughs) – Yes, I’ve had a lot of group sex. (laughs) – I’m proud of you! – Yeah. – Dani, tell us about an
awkward or inappropriate sex dream you’ve had. Was anyone here involved? – Nobody here was involved, but I feel like my most awkward sex dream, I wanna say it was like, about
Helen Mirren or something. I feel like in the dream,
I remember it was like, on a, you know, on like a beach, but I don’t remember it being very good. I’m pretty sure I let her down. I don’t wanna like, get
ahead of myself here, ’cause I’ve never had sex with like a, person who is significantly older than me, but I feel like it must
be like, way harder. (laughs) – [Producer] Has anybody
ever had sex with somebody significantly older than
them and can weigh in? – Yeah. Does it get better with age? – Yeah for sure. People significantly older than you know way more than you do and you should listen a little bit. – Yeah. – Thanks boomers. – Okay! (laughs) – I gotta give the point to Dani, because Dame Helen Mirren, on a beach! Even if it wasn’t good, you can always learn next
time you have the fantasy. – I’m goin’ back into that one tonight, see if I can like, make good on this. – Damn, should we take some more shots? – [Producer] Would you like another shot? – Fuck it up.
– Fuck it up. (Group speaking together) Cheers! – We’re out here.
– I’m starting to feel bad about doing these now.
– Boom. – [Producer] Kaden, you’re up. – Dani can you ask Scott B, and Scott can you ask Dani Question A. – Scott, how many people
have you hooked up with off of dating apps? – I don’t even remember
maybe three or four, probably three, probably two. – That’s all? – Yeah most of my hookups were organic. – Quality over quantity. – Yeah totally. – No, it wasn’t quality at all. (laughs) Dani can you please describe
your first time having sex. Include every cringey detail. – I was like 17. I was just having sex with like my, highschool girlfriend in like, like a friend’s basement. I got my condom from like highschool where they were like: ‘well the kids are gonna have sex anyway, we may as well give ’em condoms.’ So I had sex with a school condom. (laughs) And like, I feel like
the most cringey detail, out of all of it was like, this was like, when The Weeknd’s balloon
album series came out. Yeah, so I lost my virginity
to like those early Weeknd mixtapes,
– That’s a lotta sex. – so it was like, even
if that sex wasn’t good at least it was soundtracked to like, music that was having sex
on your behalf, pretty much. (laughs) – [Producer] Okay Kaden? – It’s gonna be a quick
game y’all I got quips. (laughs) – Question A to Kaden, B to Britt. – Okay, so Britt?
– Yes? – How much money would a
voyeuristic billionaire have to pay us to have
sex in his velvet blimp? – You and me? – Yeah you and me.
– Not much. – Ooh! (laughs) – There we go! (laughs) – Alright, what’s something you know, would make you a better person, but you just don’t wanna do it. – That’s a big question. Probably like, figuring out how to be a better friend to
people, I’m always trying and I like, have the most
loyalty towards my friends, but like, I just wish I had more like, social battery to be more supportive. – Right in my fuckin’ heart dude. – Sorry guys! – I gotta say Kaden. – Yeah that was touching. – Thank you guys.
– You’re really heartfelt. – The game is all about like, you know strongest reaction, and you’re pulling at the heartstrings! You know what I mean,
that’s how you win these. Okay, I’ll make Scott ask
this question to Kaden, for you, get A. Kaden, you can ask Scott B. – Okay Kaden, what have
you done while intoxicated that you wish you could take back? – Oh, God. I invited this skater dude
I knew to a house show, and he came and just
made a fool of himself, and then, we made out
and I regret that mess. – Well was he at least cute, like was this guy cute?
– No! He could skate though. – Hey, that’s something! – He could skate.
– Still, it’s a skill. – You could literally be ugly as shit, but if you can skate I
will do anything for you. (laughs) – I’m not proud of it. – What is the messiest thing
you’ve ever done sexually? Holy shit! – I’ve had a couple of partners where, I was like: ‘let’s fuck on your period, I don’t give a shit!’ – Oh that’s nothing!
– Oh come on! (all talking over each other) – I do not do poop stuff! – I gave somebody red wings
last weekend, straight up. This is nothing! That is a fucking hair flip!
– I quit. – That’s fine. – Religious background, c’mon. – [Producer] Dani, who won? – It goes to Kaden, I’m sorry. (laughs) – [Producer] You just won this game! – Thank you, thank you. – [Producer] Did you guys have a good time playing this game? – Yeah!
– Yeah. – Well we all became really close like, we just shared a lot of like, really personal information.
– Yeah a lotta intimate stuff. – Yeah!
– I feel super safe, with all of you guys. – Yeah I know, me too.
– I was just thinking that actually. – You guys, we’re all gonna
get a drink after this right? – Saturday night’s
right around the corner. (laughs) (all clapping) – Say hi! (all together) Hi! – Hi Cut, we’re still drunk.
– Yeah we are.


Celia O

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A pansexual has entered chat


Mar 3, 2020, 3:12 am Reply

Kaden’s laugh is my spirit animal!

Erin Bosbury

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Mar 3, 2020, 3:41 am Reply

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Crystal Clear

Mar 3, 2020, 3:49 am Reply

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The speed of darkness

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