Pairing Red Wine with Food – Pinot Noir Rose

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– Working in the wine industry, the most common question
that I’m asked everyday is how to pair what wine with what food. Today we are at the Fraternity
Club in Fairy Meadow and we’re gonna pair some
of the most common red wine with some of the most popular dishes. Hi, I’m Beppe. I’ve been working in the wine industry and as a wine educator for about 15 years. And today we’re gonna
talk about how to pair red wine with some common dishes. So again you know like this
rosé, is from Yarra Valley. Similar style of climate therefore similar beautiful strawberry,
cherry, flowers, roses and I do feel that in
the style of the wine and in the light acidity
it would match perfectly like a beautiful bowl
of Mussels Provencale. Ideally the aspiration of this
wine, it is a Southern French so I think even by region we can say that the two dishes compliment perfectly. So remember that pairing wine in the end comes for personal taste, but as long as you try to keep it balanced and therefore matching something which is really like a
clean and astringent, to something that is a bit like fattier and richer and more
abundant you will be fine. So remember that pairing wine in the end comes to personal taste. If you have any pairings
that you would like to share with us that would be fantastic and please do that in the comments below, or for more information
please go on our website. Cheers.

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