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I Got Arrested for Teen Drinking – Police Busted Me

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Ever since I was little, I would watch shows like COPS and watch all the different types of people get picked up by the police and taken to jail. I had always been so set that I would never want to end up like that, that I even set my goals and career paths on […]

Un-Wine’d Recipe: Asparagus Quiche

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Well I loved my time at Stone Tower. Mike, thanks so much for showing us around and for letting us taste some outstanding wines, including this one that we’re going to try right now. The Stone Tower Sauvignon Blanc, which I’m pairing with a little bit of a lady’s lunch. I thought that would be […]

Birth Control Pills

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A series of events called the menstrual cycle happens about once every month to prepare a woman’s body for pregnancy. Changing levels of natural chemicals in the bloodstream called called hormones control these events. The reproductive organs affected by these hormones include: the vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. The ovaries produce two main […]

Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union Drink Cat Poop Coffee | Disgustingly Healthy | Men’s Health

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– It’s a goose foot? Oh dear God. (upbeat music) – Hey this is Gabrielle Union. – And Jessica Alba, now we are here with Men’s Health and what are we doing Gab? – We’re either going to eat disgustingly healthy food or– – Answer a dare or a question or something. – Or something. […]

Bayou Spiced Rum Review & How to Drink

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Hey Spiced Rum fans, in this video I’m going to be taking a quick look at Bayou Spiced Rum. Gonna be telling you what it smells like, what it tastes like, and coming up at the end, I’m gonna tell you my top recommended mixers, highball serves, to make this from. So if you wanna […]

Tar Tar VS Pai Soe: ဆႏၵတစ္စံု (Ma Di & Y Wine) | Battle – The Voice Myanmar 2019

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What is the Clos Saint Urbain? How to Pronounce? French Alsace Wine Info & Pronunciation

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This is Julien, the French winemaking guy who makes wine videos here on YouTube yes wine videos, and we are looking at what is this vineyard the Clos Saint Urbain and how do you pronounce it the correct way with the typical French pronunciation. So first off, the Clos Saint Urbain is one of the […]

Seungjae “My Dad tried to steal my drink..” [The Return of Superman/2018.05.13]

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(Jiyong and Seungjae are out for lunch.) Here. (Is that a turtle shell on his back?) Go and sit down. (There’s another dad like me.) What do you want to eat? You can choose what you want, friend. Okay, I’ll choose, then. – Bye. / – Okay. (Bye!) Excuse me. I’m going to get some […]

Lindsay Buckingham helps to make ‘Follow the Smoke’ bourbon drink at Oak and Embers

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