Honeyberry Haskap Wine

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The Honeyberry Farm (www.honeyberryusa.com) Czech 17 (Berry Smart Blue) & Indigo Gem All 4 varieties (Berry Smart Blue/Borealis/Indigo Gem/Tundra) mixed together The Honeyberry Farm (www.honeyberryusa.com)

Great wine near Longview WA

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Let’s go check out some great wines!! Did you know that just a short drive up i-5, about 15 minutes from the Longview – Kelso area we have an amazing winery named Bateaux. Let’s go take a drive and go take a look at it. Here we are in January on a beautiful sunny day. […]

ASMR | It’s just the two of us eating together. Okay? Sausage + Beer

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Hello my dear It’s me Your Cupcake Let’s eat today some sausages and beer Should we start with a beer? Mabe I can open it like this? wait a minute… I have a power It worked Lets taste it So… now we can try this great-great looking sausages I hope they taste as good as […]

Root Beer vs Thermite

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Oh my goodness Wow I got a homemade bag of thermite a map gas torch and a can of soda .mn .n.because today we’re doing science So here’s the basic idea behind this experiment today We’ve got thermite and we’ve got cans of Soda Now cans of soda Soda are actually pressurized vessels and the […]

Quick Sip Clip: Beer To Drink Music To ’17

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Hey, Sam Calagione here at the beautiful Dogfish INN in beautiful Lewes, Delaware. I’m here today to talk to you about Beer to Drink Music To 2017, our Spring seasonal beer. And look at that beautiful tropical looking label. Looks like a long lost Harry Bellafonte album cover, right? This beer is the official beer […]

Iklan Vita Jelly Drink (2020)

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Nicolas Feuillatte – Champagne Wine Info & Pronunciation

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Nicolas Feuillatte is one of the most famous of French Champagne brands, it’s a Champagne house as well as a conglomerate of grape growers in the Champagne wine region of France, one of the biggest and most important sparkling wine producers in the area. Nicolas Feuillate gathers about 4000 grape growers covering 2250 hectares or […]

How to Pronounce Tempranillo? Spanish Wine pronunciation

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This is Julien, the French wine making guy who makes wine videos here on YouTube, yes wine videos, and yes I am French but I did spend quite a few years making Tempranillo wines in Spain as a winemaker so I can definitely tell you how to say Tempranillo like the Spanish would do. So […]

A PAGE OF PUNK and Whisky & Red Wine Pocky! 大人の琥珀 と 女神のルビー ポッキー 。

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Hello and welcome to another Punky Pocky Party. Today, we’re gonna review A Page Of Punk, Adult Amber Pocky and Goddess Ruby Pocky. Enjoy the show! OK let’s start by looking at the Pocky! So, as you can see they both come in very very nice packaging These are kind of tube shapes similar to […]

In-N-Out burger & red wine, cabernet sauvignon, montepulciano d’abruzzo w/ Hamburger-GreatWine2ube

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You are going to pay for this. Hamburgers… Some bird shat on me. I recognize the asshole! Mr Wine Connoisseur, take that! Ptui! I got two double meats, protein style with extra salad, extra tomato, added onion. And two double meat with onion. Yes. You wanted to have these smaller wine glasses. Oh. So are […]