What does “lieu-dit” mean on a bottle of French wine?

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A “Lieu-dit” is the name of a vineyard “Lieu Dit” or “called under” “Lieu” is an area. “Dit” as as “dire” – to call (in French). It tends to be village wines, that virtually every vineyard has a name Appellation-wise, it’s a village, that 30 percent factor we were talking about not everybody puts the […]

Strawberry Beer Margarita Pitcher

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The 5 Best Beer Spots in Prague: Rooftops, Breweries, Bars, and More

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I’m in Prague today, one of the top beer capitals of the world, and today I’m going to show you five awesome places to go for local craft beer. There are over 370 breweries here in Prague but today I’m going to show you a few which are really excellent and you really can’t go […]

How Much Water Should Kids Drink Everyday – Cara Natterson, MD

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Your child should drink enough water that their pee looks like water. If it’s too bright yellow or dark yellow, they’re not getting enough liquid in. There is no absolute amount in cups or ounces that’s right for every child. So just teach your kid, “Look at your pee. And if it’s really yellow, go […]


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Julien’s Wine School – Fun Learning!

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What is up guys? Julien Miquel here of Social Vignerons. Welcome back to another wine video. My name is Julien and I am a qualified winemaker from France, Master of Viticulture and Wine Sciences, and WSET diploma graduate. Essentially I spent the past 20 years studying, making, and more importantly tasting fine wines. Oh!, And […]

Natural Light Beer Review. A Craft Brew Masterpiece.

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Ever since my hit PBR video- well it’s only one of two videos I’ve in the past month that’s cracked 4k views- people have been asking for more beer reviews. Asking but not watching them. Natural Light seems to have been one of the more popular- Nasty Nate Outdoors, Sunshyn21- and while the Chug Dude […]

IRISH FOOD & BEER – Eric Meal Time #185

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How a drinking bird toy works

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It’s drinking the water! this is the greatest invention in the world you’ll make a million dollars! – A drinking bird is some thermodynamic machine that seems to go up and down forever. In this video you’ll see how it works I will show a speed up of a live stream that we recently did, […]


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