The unseen face of meth use

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“Methamphetamine –” “This is what i do to motivate myself, a little bit.” “A drug that was also known for a while as redneck cocaine. “A little bit … Rrrah.” Dr. Perry Halkitis: “Believed to be only used by hicks in rural areas. They use it, but so do gay men in urban centers.” Courtney: […]

10 Strange (But TRUE!) Facts About Beards, Facial Hair And Shaving

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10 Strange But True Facts About Beards, Facial Hair And Shaving [0:00:00] Did you know that the hair on your face is on average four times thicker than the hair on your head. Guys, in today’s video, I’ve got ten strange, but true fact when it comes to shaving any facial hair. [Music] Fact number […]

Chicago’s Best Brew Pubs: Half Acre Beer Company

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Chicago has become a mecca for craft beer and today we’re at one of the staples half-acre brewery known for their variety standout cans and what I hear is an amazing menu sounds I get reflected to me random Keys leave tell me about half-acre brewery because when I think of breweries in Chicago you […]

Sweet & Smokey Beer Can Chicken with DJ BBQ featuring Nate Kern

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Stylish With A Beer Belly? | Dress Sharp With A Gut | Clothing For Larger Men

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So, do you have a beer belly? Are you the kind of guy that when people see you they don’t think you’re overweight? They believe you got a normal shaped face, you’ve got normal shaped arms, normal shaped legs, but you’ve got an extra 20, 30, 40, maybe even 50 pounds right here in the […]

NET Presents| Savor: Nebraska Craft Beer

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matic music) CHARLIE YIN: The product is as good if not better than anything else that’s on the market right now. Nebraska is making some amazing beer. The nice thing about beer is it’s not tied to terroir. It’s not tied to your climate, so much as wine. (upbeat music) You can import malt, you […]

Funny Baby Reaction To Daddy Drinks Beer – WE LAUGH

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Don’t miss interesting videos about dad and baby. what happens when dad drinks beer? Let’s watching.

Busch Beer ‘Snow Day’ promotion

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പാമ്പ്, ഉടുമ്പ്,സ്രാവ്,മാൻ വിഭവങ്ങൾ കഴിക്കാം|Vietnamese Snake Wine & Dry Fish Shop |Ameerali Vietnam

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Welcome to my new video I’m harees Ameerali currently here at Vietnam These are fins of the shark This is something that’s similar to Viagra These are consumed for energetic purpose They also use fins from other fishes as well These are dried fish or dried food items But these are really fancy compared to […]

Does a Lighter Work? Open Wine without Corkscrew

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What is up guys? Julien Miquel here of Social Vignerons. Welcome back to another wine video. So, have you ever found yourself in a position… of having a delicious bottle of wine that you want to enjoy with your friends, but no corkscrew around! Well, today I’m going to try to demonstrate how to open […]