HOW TO DRAW A CUTE DRINK, DRAW CUTE THINGS | A cute drawing for cute babyes | Cup Drawing for kids

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Chamonix Wine Estate

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Wine Grenade – Commercial trial results

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Alltec Red Wine Stain Remover

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– Hello again, we’re here at Alltec with our stain removal processes, and today, we’re actually going to use the red wine stain remover on a red wine stain. And again, it’s a 80/20 wool carpet, it’s got a slight twist to it, so again, we want to be careful in the process of agitation. […]

Epic Beer Challenge: Greek Beers – Mythos & Fix vs Heineken! (Drunk Version) Athens, Greece

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so though the winner is I forgot Greek a beer challenge we have a fix we have a mythos they are up against one of the biggest lagers in the world Heineken we’re going home for a blind tasting I won’t know which one is which and we’re gonna see if the Greek lagers are […]

Beer 101: A Style Guide

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Ben Sheers – The last christmas drink

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Homes with twinkling lights rooftops and hillsides are covered in white i guess its something we need the comfort and joy and a cold christmas eve feelings you cherish the most remembering a christmas with old family ghosts i guess its something ye know making your thoughts as you walk through the snow hold your […]

Abuse – What are the side effects of abuse?

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Gretchen Lawson: There are many side effects of sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic health problems like headaches, chronic stomach pain, sleep disturbances, whether that’s sleeping too much or not getting enough sleep, risky behaviors, alcohol and drug abuse, difficulty trusting people in relationship, isolation, suicidal thoughts. These are all emotional, physical side effects of […]

When Girls Drunk Dial | Girliyapa’s ChickiLeaks

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Yes, Payal. Hi Sir.. So enjoying a lot in Goa? Excuse me? No point hiding Sir, I know everything. I know why Neha got a better increment than me. I think we should talk tomorrow Payal, you sound drunk. I…I’m not drunk! You are drunk! Don’t force me to fire you, Payal. Oh please! Who […]