How to Pronounce Rías Baixas? (CORRECTLY) Spanish Meaning + Wine Pronunciation (Albariño)

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What is up guys? This is Julien, French winemaking a who makes wine video is here on YouTube yes wine videos and I do also speak fluent Spanish so we are looking at how to pronounce the name of this famous wine region from Spain in the northern western part of Spain in the galicia […]

「Nightcore」→ Good in Goodbye ♪ (Madison Beer) LYRICS ✔︎

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this video includes lyrics on the screen

Drink Raw Aloe Vera Juice Once A Week, See What Happens To Your Body

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By now you must be familiar with the various health benefits of Aloe Vera. But did you know that its juice is also very good for your body? And the best part is that you can extract Aloe Vera juice very easily and quickly. Just crush or grind the entire leaf of an aloe vera […]

Beer Battered Shrimp With Roasted Garlic Aioli

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Hello everyone! I´m Albert Bevia with Spain on a Fork today I´m going to show you how to make my beer battered shrimp along with a roasted garlic aioli now, we all love fried shrimp but this recipe elevates the flavor profile we´re going to be using a combination of flavors that are going to […]

Scary Sports Drink Side Effects – Studio C

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♪♪ Tanner: In order to win, you have to keep fighting. Tori: Because if you’re not getting stronger, you’re only getting weaker. Dalton: You have– [puffing] to keep– going. Tanner: So run faster. Tori: Be stronger. – And work harder. Is this normal? You’re just doing a close-up of my face, right? – Because you’re […]


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🍸🍺FREEZE DRIED BOOZE🍷 Beer, Vodka, Wine, Martini, Bloody Mary, Champagne HARVEST RIGHT

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hey guys retired at 40 it’s about 10 o’clock in the morning and I haven’t been drinking much so there I am sitting at the freeze dryer there’s a de martini in one hand my other hand is unloading the machine and I’m thinking to myself why haven’t I thought of this before and that […]


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Why the EU needs a zero tolerance drink-driving limit

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How much can you legally drink before driving? Every EU country sets its own drink-driving limits. Many have lower limits for professional or new drivers. But it’s more confusing than that, because every individual responds to alcohol differently depending on their weight; age; sex and metabolism; the type and amount of alcohol; what they’ve eaten […]

AZUL BUSINESS CLASS – A MIMOSA do CARIOCA NOMUNDO virou drinque da executiva da AZUL

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Today is a super special day for the channel. The Carioca NoMundo mimosa became Azul’s business class drink. And I had to be here to launch this super partnership, right? Campinas-Porto, in the business class of Azul’s A330, there we go! I’m so anxious about tonight’s events that I decided to arrive at Campinas airport […]