Beer Vs. Belly | Ballmastrz: 9009 | Adult Swim

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I have an important announcement! Gaz has made a heroic pledge to get fit by our next big game! Whoa. That’s intense. Doesn’t she already have enough on her plate? Yeah, if she succeeds, it’ll be an epic triumph of mind over platter. [ Both laugh ] I just know she can do it! Damn […]

France vs California Chardonnay? Comparing Napa vs Burgundy Wine

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Hello, bonjour! This is Julien, the French wine making guy who makes wine videos… here on YouTube. Yes, wine videos, and today is going to be a very interesting tasting for me. I’m going to be comparing with you 2 very different types of Chardonnay wines. I’m going to be opposing a French Chablis, French […]

CHICKEN and BEER for PUPPY DOG🍗🍺 MUKBANG! 강아지 치맥 세트 먹방 チキンとビール ไก่และเบียร์ Ayam dan bir Gà và bia

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This food is made specifically for puppies. Never feed a real beer! Have a great time today! 😍 Happy ~ 💗 Defense vs attack yummy ~ 😋 Thank you so much for watching! 😍 Let’s meet again next time! 😄

Beer Bread Recipe From Slovakia | EU Politics Explained by Baking Slovakian Beer Bread

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What came first bread or beer? Doesn’t matter in Slovakia they have both in one loaf. Introducing ‘Pivní chléb’ the Slovakian beer bread that places this country in the heart of Europe. I’m George Matthes and I’m a European correspondent but I also love to bake so here’s some food for thought from Slovakia. Why […]

Coleman’s announces grand marshals for Green Beer Sunday

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Chemistry of Beer – Unit 1 – Chemical Concepts: Carbohydrates

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>>If we think about the brewing process, we have four main ingredients: water, malt, hops, and yeast. If we think about our malt, it comes from barley, and it gives us our main constituents that we’re going to use in the brewing process. It has carbohydrates, proteins, and some lipids. Let’s focus on the carbohydrates. […]

How My Delivery (Almost) Went Wrong • Hannah’s Birth Story

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alright guys so… lately we’ve been dropping in views and revenue.. and.. we haven’t been able to live off our $2.50 we made, so.. we decided to come up with this challenge ummm.. I’m drinking as much detol as I can.. and.. I’m gonna be drinking as much listerine as I can.. alright. lets go.. […]

Why Do We Swirl Wine? and How-to?

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What is up guys? Julien Miquel here of Social Vignerons. Welcome back to another wine video. This is episode number five of Julien’s 3.5 Minute Wine School, this series where I take some topics about wine and try to explain them simply, easy to understand, and quite shortly as well. So this three and a […]

I Spent My Life Savings on a Beer No One Bought

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My name is Shehan, I’m the founder of Lost Craft Brewery and I spent my life’s savings on a beer that I couldn’t sell. This is my Work Through Failure story. So it all began when I left my job in finance. I wanted to do something on my own, I wanted to do something […]