10 Life Hacks to Drink More Water ?

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What soup, everybody! It’s Krist, and by the end of this video, I want you guys to be thirsty for water. Here are my top ten tips that I actually use or used in the past to train myself to drinking more h2o. Without further ado, let’s go! First things first, you gotta set a […]

Supporters Of Warren, Buttigieg React To ‘Wine Cave’ Argument At Debate

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Wine Chiller – Chef Caron Wine Gadgets

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Hi, I’m Emma, and I’m gonna show you how to assemble your Wine Pourer. First, you’re gonna take the top pull it up and then out.Take your chiller rod out and your acrylic pour spout. Screw the chill rod onto the pour spout. Once you’ve got that assembled take it over to your freezer. Leave […]

How to Make Root Beer

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ROLEX Two-Tone GMT II Root Beer – A Great Choice for Two-Tone Lovers?!

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This is Watch Your Style. Today I’m gonna do a review on the two-tone GMT Root Beer. [opening music] OK, so I don’t know if you already saw the review on the all-rose gold version of this watch that I did previously, but it’s pretty much the same watch. On the previous video, I forgot […]

Climate Change Threatens Beer Production & America’s Projected $1 Trillion Deficit | The Daily Show

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Climate change. Sometimes it feels so hopeless, all you want to do is get drunk and forget about it. Well, sadly, that won’t be an option because of climate change. USA Today reports on a study that says global warming could threaten the world’s beer supply. Researchers from UC Irvine and other institutions says the […]

Watch This Man Drink A Beer In 3 Seconds

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– I’m about to drink this beer real real fast. Da da da. I think I can put it down under two and a half seconds probably. Alright here we go. (buzzer ringing) I’ll try again. (buzzer dinging) (belching)


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Can You Make Beer with Helium?-Speaking of Chemistry

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Every year, some cheeky brewers with high-pitched voices post videos claiming they’ve made beer with helium instead of CO2 or nitrogen. Then Internet nerds expose the videos as pranks. What gets lost in this perpetual cycle, though, is that you can actually make helium beer. Stay tuned to see how our friends did it and […]

Curtis Stone’s Gwen Grinder With Pickled Chili Spread + Red Wine Vinaigrette

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