drinking green tea to lose weight or gain weight??? / #গ্রীণটি#সাস্থযত্ন #ওজনকমানো

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Alcohol & College Life: One-credit. Online

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[music playing] Hi, I’m Nolan. And I’m Liz. Are you looking for an extra credit this semester? Then, why not check out Alcohol & College Life! Alcohol & College Life is a one-credit, completely online course that helps you survive and thrive during your first few years of college. That’s right. And Alcohol & College […]

Artist Interview—Oliver Beer: Vessel Orchestra | Met Exhibitions

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♫ Music Plays ♫ My name is Oliver Beer, and I’m an artist from England. This exhibition is called Vessel Orchestra. It’s a selection of thirty-two pieces from The Met’s collection, which I’ve organized not for their aesthetic and cultural quality, but for their acoustic quality. Every empty space—whether it be a room or a […]

Questioning Old Beer Habits – part 4

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Hi, my name is Mirella and I’m a craft beer and sensory consultant in Toronto. Welcome to my list of four things I think we should let go of as an industry. Today, we’re diving into the last one, number four: bread or crackers on the table during beer tasting and judging sessions. Like most […]


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Clonidine. Clonidine is a high-yield topic. We give it a four out of five on our yield scale. It’s also called “Catapres,” which is the common brandname. It is a Alpha 2 agonist. So, let’s remind ourselves what the normal physiology is first. So, these vessicles, filled with neurotransmitter, fuse with the membrane and spill […]

Creatine and Caffeine – A BAD Mix?

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Caffeine and creatine are perhaps the two most effective natural supplements any lifter can take outside of protein powder. Caffeine, a strong stimulant that improves muscular endurance and strength output. And creatine, the substance tied directly to the ATP-PCr system, providing a quick energy source that can help you crank out a few more reps […]

[TOP10] Siege Battle Meta Defense December VS SymphoniC and Beer Club – isengdudegame Summoners War

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How You Can Make Glowing Beer Using CRISPR – Sharp Science

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Hey guys, Tony here. What if I told you that there was something that could potentially cure stuff like cancer, AIDS, ALS? What if I told you that this thing is being developed, can you guess what it is? It’s CRISPR. (Music) Basically what CRISPR is, is editing the DNA of any kind of cell […]

Medical Myth – Wine can actually reduce stress. 5

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A lot of people like to go to a glass of wine to help with stress. It’s easy to say, I need a drink. But the truth is, you have to be careful one glass of wine for one person could be fine and a glass of wine for another person could lead on a […]

SEC Shorts – The real reason Tennessee won’t sell beer in Neyland

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Alright next! Ok, Dave. Up here. Hey. How are you? Thanks for coming in. As you know, Tennessee is looking at expanding to alcohol sales in Neyland Stadium this year. Oh yeah! We’re bringing in vendors and giving them a sort of audition to make sure we have the best possible people selling. Yup. Got […]