Radioactive Iodine Therapy to Treat Thyroid Cancer

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(Music) Welcome back, Radioactive Iodine has been used successfully as a therapy for Thyroid disease for more than 50 years. Today, a treatment OPTION AIMED AT improving patient outcomes in Thyroid Cancer. Take a look. The minute I heard the word cancer, I immediately went to death sentence. They found out I had something weird […]

Organic Coffee Side Effects

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Organic Coffee Side Effects By When we think of something having side effects we usually expect something bad. But, that is not the case with organic coffee. Organic coffee side effects are all good! You may be someone who drinks coffee in the morning to get started. Or you may need a cup of […]

TWTV Episode 47 Red wines for white wine drinkers

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Hi Jerome from Trailblazing Wine, TWTV, offering hints and tips to help you get the most enjoyment out of your wines. Now, over the last couple of weeks I’ve been at various taste workshops for food and wine for both trade and consumer, and it does surprise me actually, the number of people when you […]

A Guide to Red Wine : Types of Red Wine: Lan from Rioja

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Hello, my name is Mihaly Fabok we are on behalf of Expert Village. I would like to introduce for you a nice red wine from Spain. The wine agent called Rioja. Which is the most famous wine agent in Spain. This wine is mainly made from a blend. Which is a rich full bodied, long […]

Why So Many Americans Are Drinking Toxic Water | AJ+

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Most people just assume their water is safe to drink… Until, it’s not. This administration has failed us. What happened in Flint, Michigan in 2014, made water crises in other cities much harder to ignore. You need to get your water tested. This is a national issue. Lead has been showing up in drinking water […]

Low Carb / Keto Starbucks Drinks Iced Coffee & Iced Teas!

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(exciting music) – Hey, munchies, welcome to the channel if you’re new. For a lot of us, summer is near, and it’s warming up by the day, so it’s about time that I head to Starbucks craving cold drinks instead of hot. Today I’m gonna share some low-carb options that you can get at Starbucks […]

Do You Like Beer? Have A Kavanaugh

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Craft Beer Knob – Foil Arms and Hog

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Do you wanna grab a beer tonight? Sure, where do you wanna go? I found this deadly little craft beer place, just around the corner Oh, is that the place with all the broken couches in it? Yeah, and they’ve added all this furniture that they found in a skip and these hard back wooden […]

How Much Water Should You REALLY Be Drinking?

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Water is a necessary ingredient for human survival to say nothing of optimal physical and mental performance. Now if you’re watching this, it means that you are alive which means that you are at least getting the bare minimum. But are you drinking enough water? For years we’ve been told from many many sources that […]

How to Start a Drink Company – Beverage Boot Camp Episode 1

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So, you want to change what the world is drinking. But how do you take your beverage idea and get it on store shelves? It’s not as easy as mixing water and sugar and bottling it up in your kitchen. There are hundreds of considerations and hundreds of hurdles along the way. While you might […]