Best Friends Play Truth or Drink (Celene & Jessica) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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Oh man, what?! Have you ever had a sex dream about me? If so, what happened? You know I’m sorry to say I haven’t had a sex dream about you I’ve had a lot of sex dreams about John Lithgow for some reason My name is Jessica I’m Celene We’re best friends Finish this line […]

Cal Poly professor’s book explores the spirit of wine

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Why Are People Drinking Buttered Coffee?

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Step aside, oil pulling – there’s a new trend in town, and it’s… buttered coffee? Sounds… rich. Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews – and every week, it seems there’s a hot new trend we should all be getting on board with. Earlier this month, I came across an interesting article on something called buttered […]

Pouilly Fume (A white wine for pure enjoyment!)

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Dini: In this video, you’re going to learn all about Pouilly Fume wines so that you can discover the joys of this incredible wine. Stay tuned until the end so you can learn how to find even more wines that you’re going to love. If you want to live well and enjoy good wine, then […]

Zac Brown Band – Chicken Fried (Full Version Video)

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hindi Hey Pete you ready for the intro? 1, 2, 3, 4 [In distance] Left, right, left right You know I like my chicken fried And cold beer on a Friday night A pair of jeans that fit just right And the radio up Ohhhh oohhh ooh Well, I was raised underneath the shade of […]

Munich, Germany • a BEER TOUR through beer city!

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I’m going to give you a beer tour of Munich. Let’s go drink some beer. Let’s get this thing started. We are starting at Theresienwiese. Therera’s meadow. This is the site of Octoberfest. This is what it looks like empty. It is now one of the ugliest parks in the city. It will then be […]

What Beer Pancakes Taste Like | What’s It Taste Like

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Hi, I’m Natalie, and today we’re here in Bushwick, Brooklyn, to check out Newyorktitlan. I’ve been to Newyorktitlan before, their tres leches pancakes are incredible, and when I heard that they were making beer- and grasshopper-flavored pancakes, I knew that I had to go check them out. Going in, I had no idea what to […]

Napa Valley Hot Air Balloon Ride with Sparkling Wine

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Escaping From Cops Using Magic – How To Drink In Public

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– Oh man, that is good stuff. – Sir, you! – Hey. – Hey, what are you doin’? What are you doin’ back here, man? – I’m just hanging out, man. I got some free champagne from the hotel, man. – Hold on dude, let me tell ya somethin’. I had complaints that you’re back […]

SOUREST DRINK IN THE WORLD CHALLENGE! (ft. React Cast) | Challenge Chalice

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– Kill him. (blender whirring) – Do you smell that? It is burning! – (Alex) Are you going to drink out of the side– – I am! Oh no! (cracking up) – What up, brother? – Chillin’, man. – I just realized I blend in with the couch right now. – I know. – Like, […]