DC Defenders fans brought back legendary beer snake

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Erick James – A GLASS OF WINE (Official Vertical Video)

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Jamaicans Try Drinking Thick Water (🤢 🤮)

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Ready? Go! On Your Mark Get Set Alright, Hello guys Hey No one told you why your here right? No. Great, Well its a surprise. First Off I want you to state your name. Okay, well I’m Celine. I’m And? Oh i’m Tajah. Whats up people y’all already know its YAADMAN ETAN, is here I […]

How do you lose 8 kg in 7 days? Drink it daily, it dries the abdomen and leaves you very thin

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Turmeric Apple cider vinegar Mix it well Orange We squeeze an orange Lemon We squeeze a lemon Mix it well Cold water Mix it well Natural honey Drink one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening every day for a month and you will get the result


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Dini: If you’ve been around, you’ve seen this whole wine in a can thing, ebb and flow. I’m not one for the latest trends, but now that it seems that these things are here to stay, I thought I better find out are they any good? What are the best ones out there and how […]

How to Sublimate Beer Steins

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Hi this is Jamie and I’m Maradith, and we’re with Coastal Business Supplies. Today we are going to work with our 22 ounce white ceramic stein – right after this! So today we’re going to work with our 22 ounce white ceramic stein. This stein does have a gold trim and a nice beveled edge, […]


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goodbye punta arena now puerto natales and a place with fewer winds with less wind than here it didn’t fluctuate last night no, the car was quiet tonight yes, because we were facing the wind right I played with Max she to him here in Punta Arenas we have only one alternative or you fall […]

VERIFY: Does drinking water protect you from coronavirus?

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Vlogging in Korean: Scorpio Tattoos, K-Idol Sandwiches, & Wine!

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Good morning!! To be honest, we are quite hungover we need to find a cure So we are on our way to a seolleongtang restaurant that we found You said it’s famous, right? Yes, it’s very famous. I didn’t know, but it’s on the Michelin Guide 20… wait? 2019? 2019. It’s not 2019 yet. I […]

Check out the McMinnville Food & Wine Classic

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