How to Make Supercooled Alcohol (Homemade Cryofluid)

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So which would you rather have? Fire powers, or cryo powers? – Oh, fire powers. – Why is that? – Absolutely. Firestarter? – Yeah, but you would burn everything down. – Yeah, exactly. – I could blast crazy ice everywhere in this, and it would be fine tomorrow. There would be no house if I […]

VLOG 007 | Commandaria Wine | Tsiakkas Winery

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Look at how thick and sticky this is. This is a wine from a different time. This is Commandaria, the oldest wine in the world. Traditional Commandaria is a Cypriot wine made popular in medieval times. Look at this, it looks like honey. In its current form and name Commandaria goes back to the 12th […]

How To Make Quick Clams & Mussels With White Wine & Garlic By Chef Michael Schlow

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Everything You Wanted to Know about Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder: A Primer for Non-Clinicians

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So good afternoon everyone. This session was everything you wanted to know about the about treatment but were afraid to ask, a primer for non-clinicians. This came about because of a question last year when we were doing a discussion of the film “Anonymous People.” And the question was “What does treatment for alcohol use […]

Is Sugar Alcohol as Awesome as It Sounds?

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If you made a list of all the substances that you most like to ingest, what would be on it? Would sugar be on that list? Of course it would. Because sugar’s delicious. And how about alcohol? If you’re old enough to drink it, alcohol can be pretty OK, although it can turn on you […]

Breast Cancer Risk: Red Wine vs. White Wine

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Provence: Legendary Light, Wind, and Wine

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Cairns, the Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef

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Cairns is touted as the “gateway to the Great Barrier Reef” and other destinations such as Kuranda and the Daintree rainforest in Far North Queensland, Australia, although the city itself has little to offer to travelers besides tour agencies, a handful of restaurants, cafes, and backpacker bars, and a long walk along the espalade looking […]

Drink Coconut Water To Settle An Upset Stomach: Benefits Of Drinking Coconut Water Daily

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How To Use Coconut Water To Settle An Upset Stomach. Coconut water is not only refreshing, but also nourishing. The presence of vitamins and minerals such as potassium and magnesium in this drink is helpful in the treatment of digestive disorders including upset stomach. Moreover, drinking coconut water will also help to keep the body […]

What is Rosemary Good For? Rosemary Health Benefits

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What is Rosemary Good For? Rosemary health benefits “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance: pray, love, remember.” This line from Hamlet shows that Shakespeare, the famous writer, knew the great uses of rosemary. Long after Shakespeare’s time, different studies have also shown many ways rosemary is good for your health, whether it is used fresh, dried, […]