How Long Does the Tiredness Last Once You Quit Alcohol?

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This is Alcohol Mastery, my nameís Kevin OíHara, and today want to do one of the questions that you guys have put onto the comments box. This one comes from L0kic8 and is ìHow long does the tiredness last?î So first off Iíll just read the comment: ìHow long for you did the tiredness last […]

Instant Protein Beverages – Solving Texture Issues–TIC Gums

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[music] >>No matter what the industry, projecting trends can be enormously helpful. Forecasting changes in the marketplace helps to better guide efforts, resources and manpower. But what good is capitalizing on a rising pattern of consumer interest, if your product isn’t up to par? That’s the problem we’re determined to help you tackle.>>The market is […]

New gadget by Drinkworks is a Keurig for adult beverages

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IT IT HAS IT HAS GREAT IT HAS GREAT [email protected], IT HAS GREAT [email protected], BUT IT HAS GREAT [email protected], BUT THER IT HAS GREAT [email protected], BUT THER IS IT HAS GREAT [email protected], BUT THER IS A IT HAS GREAT [email protected], BUT THER IS A [email protected] IT HAS GREAT [email protected], BUT THER IS A [email protected] GADGET […]

Is Alcohol Vegan?

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Is alcohol vegan? Well first of all, don’t be so obtuse. “Alcohol” is quite a broad term, now isn’t it? You see a fine wine differs greatly from something as base as liquor or, god forbid beer. You see you must be more precise with your inquiries if you want to receive accurate responses. Is […]

Turkish Alcohol Taste Test Yeni Raki Reaction­čç╣­čçĚ Jay & Rengin

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man huh Barbican on with a hush cabinet what’s going on guys bringin has just finished a whole year of uni finish the year break so to celebrate we’ve decided to get a little rocker Akira Konica which is a cloaca shark honest and I’ve never had this I’m bringing who you have and how […]

The Best White Wines For Beginners (Series): #2 Pinot Grigio

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Hey everybody welcome back to the latest installment in my series about the best white wines for beginners! This week we’re looking at a very famous white wine, Pinot Grigio and I know you think you know everything you need to know about Pinot Grigio, but trust me there’s more. Stick around and I’ll show […]

The Wines of Champagne

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(classical piano music)>>(narrator) Champagne is perhaps the most recognizable wine in the world and its effervescence is synonymous with luxury and celebration.>>(with French accent) First of all, you know that Champagne is about 150 kilometers from Paris in a region called le Bassin Parisien. Bassin means a “bowl.” And it’s a bowl because it’s an […]


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what’s up guys welcome to the vlog welcome back to my channel today I have some water filters that you can pour water it like this that’ll filter your water super clean and fresh to give you the best tasting water there is but today we’re gonna be using all of these sodas and trying […]

45-Year-Old Cresta Pineapple Drink | Ashens

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Rimsky-Korsakov! That was a reference to an advert for this. Allow me to explain! So this is a bottle of Cresta, a popular soft drink from the 1970s in the U.K. It was sold during the 70’s and sort of… disappeared?… in the 80’s, kind of? But it did kind of exist, as far as […]

Fluid Art – Alcohol Ink Process Video – Skillshare Tutorial

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hey everyone it’s sarah from today i have a video showing you how i use alcohol inks, this is to celebrate my new course on Skillshare which shows you in more detail how I use alcohol inks and it’s definitely a beginner class just to get you into all the tools and different applications […]