James Barker Band – There’s A Drink For That

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How to Play Korean Drinking Games

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It’s time for WONDERFUL ADVENTURE NOW KOREA The Drinking Game Edition! I’m not really sure what else we need to say here we’re going to teach you how to drink. Well, no. Korean style. With games. Yes, Korean style is the key. I’m sure you guys have seen a lot of Korean Dramas. And they […]

Singaporeans Try: Drinking ONLY Water For A Month

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In collaboration with Hydroflux, we’re going to be drinking only water for 1 month. Hello. Hi! What is your favourite drink? Teh Peng. Iced Milo. Iced Milo! Milo Peng. Teh O Peng. Orange juice. Apple juice. Green tea. Wah! You got a lot sia. Do you guys like drinking water? No! It’s ok. I’m ok […]

Bridesmaids Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

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Do you think that you will get bored sleeping with the same person forever? Possibly, yes. Wait, hold on. My name is Pooja and these are my two best friends from High School These are my bridesmaids. I have known Shelby since we were 10 years old. They’re my best friends. And they’re my bridesmaids […]

What drinking her juice ACTUALLY gives you… — Dr Phil #6

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So, you ask people… This is 2 ½ cups And… you want people to build up to drinking a gallon of this a day?” -Right, cause the thing is people People are very malnourished. What’s going on is you’re so immuno-compromised you are not absorbing all the nutrition, that’s why you see mutation from people […]

Safari West Walking Tour || Day Trip 1 from Bay Area, California || PART 2

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Hey guys welcome to our channel peppy family this video is part 2 of the safari west tour and this exclusively covers the walking tour this tour doesn’t have any age restrictions if you haven’t already watched the part one of the safari west day trip which covers the Jeep tour please click the link […]

Italy to impose 3% digital tax on global IT giants

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now following in Frances footsteps Italy is going to impose a digital tax on global tech companies now this move is likely to rile the United States as many of the world’s biggest tech companies are based right there for more on this and other news from around the world let’s turn to our union […]

DIY Starbucks Pink Drink Recipe | (Pinkity Drinkity)

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hey y’all today I’m going to show you how to make my version of the DIY Starbucks pink drink it is refreshing and sweet it’s just so perfect let’s get right to it we could build our dreams start up something new let the old be dead let the shadows in my world on your […]

Drinking at the Worst Reviewed Bar in Eastern Europe

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no Sergey I told you to disperse his body in acid not to throw him in the lake nah oh hi dear Eastern European friends in our last episodes we showed you the worst reviewed hotel and restaurant in Slovakia in this episode we moved to the Czech Republic according to this graph there’s only […]

TiHi #11 Homemade Glühwein (Mulled Wine)

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Hi everyone, we are finally back after a long time 🙂 Today, we will introduce to you Glühnwein (Mulled Wine) We created our own recipe, so let’s see what happens! Let’s get started with the preparation You need to get 8 spoons of sugar (150g) Peel an orange, use both the skin and the segment […]