DIY Mermaid Wine Bottle Craft | Ep.2 Painting & Highlighting GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED

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Hi, my crafty fam! I just wanted to remind everybody, that one one of these bottles will be up for a giveaway once it is completed. I partnered up with one of our own crafty queens, in a fundraiser that she’s doing. Angelica Rosales from Jewels in Wonderland (her Etsy shop) is selling handmade candles […]

Monkey Coco sees his mother drinking cold medicine, and he tries to grab and drink it

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Can you drink it? Don’t jump, walk baby. Come down.

Drink and Drive | Comedy | itsfuntoo

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two three four five Bro , lets go. Bro , Let me drive No hurry bro. Drive Slowly. ok ? Yaya.. fine! This song makes you overexcited. Please drive slowly You just sit and chill bro How can I sit n chill… knowing youré driving Bro slowly . No hurry. Stay Quiet. You almost killed […]

‘Wine’ about the wintry weather headed for West Michigan

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Drinking in the Military – Jocko Willink and Jody Mitic

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being around someone like you and I used to be the guy who could I don’t need to drink I’d go months and be like oh yeah I’m gonna drink like you know I love a drink and and you don’t drink and you haven’t drank since you were like in your 20s I think […]

How to Play Quarters | Drinking Games

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Proposed Tariff Could Double Price Of European Wines

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Price of wine from Europe could go up

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5 Simple Life Hacks Part 8 – How to Open a Beer!

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Whats up everybody, welcome back to my laboratory, were safety is number one priority. Today i’m gonna show you five life hacks, you know how to open a beer bottle without a can opener. I’m gonna show you five different methods, lets check it out. Grab two bottles of beer and open… bottle with the […]

UK vs USA Beer Challenge with Hannah Hart: Round 1

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Hi guys, welcome to Drinks Tube. I’m Jonny from the craft beer boys and i’m here with Hannah from my drunk kitchen. Hello! What do you drink, when you’re in the kitchen? Um, anything that’s available but usually wine. Er, ever beer? Um, I don’t really like beer but I love America, so maybe I […]