Jazz Piano & Piano Bar Music: Best Restaurant Piano Music and Club Ambient Music

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Title: Jazz Piano & Piano Bar Music: Best Restaurant Piano Music and Club Ambient Music

Malaga’s traditional wines and wine bars

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Malaga is very original place to visit, for so many reasons… …the culture, history, weather, nature and malaga wine. Let’s visit the best bodega bars in town! Casa de Guardia is not just a bar, it’s also a bodega that produces it’s own wine, such as the Chavea and the Isabel Segunda. The bar has […]

Wines and Spirits – America’s Heartland: Episode 918

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America’s Heartland is made possible by… Farm Credit – Financing agriculture and rural America since 1916. Farm Credit is cooperatively owned by America’s farmers and ranchers. Learn more at farmcredit.com   CropLife America – Representing the companies whose modern farming innovations help America’s farmers provide nutritious food for communities around the globe.   Hi I’m […]

Brewing Beer in Reykjavik, Iceland

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(electronic music) – [Narrator] A journey only requires you to put one foot in front of the other again, and again, and again. If you allow yourself the opportunity to be present the entirety of the trek, you witness beauty every step of the way. (electronic music) – Pretty good day. Trying to stay out […]


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hi guys, welcome to the new waiters training Part Two IN part One we already discussed some of the basic stuff that you have to learn on your very first day on the job so you can get a smoother transition to your new job and have an easier time with your coworkers and the […]

The Truth About Aldi’s Winking Owl Wine

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Aldi’s Winking Owl wine has received mixed reviews from critics and consumers who have found themselves unable to agree on how they feel about the wine brand. So what exactly is the deal with this super-cheap wine? Let’s dive in to learn the truth about Winking Owl wine. Wine lovers who haven’t already tried a […]