Moyo Wine Bar – Review by Chianti Explore

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…after walking a lot… …extremely thirsty… it’a August… and hot! We ended up at the “MOYO”… ready for an aperitif! …The cocktail menu is endless You can really have fun with it… I’ll get an “Hugo”…

Dollar Tree DIY Room Decor

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hey guys welcome back to my channel today is Tuesday which means that I have another quick and easy video for you guys and this week I’m going to be making a wine station yes I found these cute little frames at Dollar Tree and I was like you know what let’s make a small […]

What Your Favorite Spirits are Made Of: Bourbon, Scotch, Rum, Vodka and Gin 101 + Cocktail Recipe

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Hey everybody how’s it going? Wine and spirits professional, Marc Supsic here, founder of Wine Living. As you can see, it’s that time of year again – first snowfall here in Pennsylvania for 2017, and I’m currently enjoying something heart-and-soul warming. No matter what your spirit of choice is, do you know where it comes […]

Logistics with Jamin: Wine, Beer and Spirits-Guest Kyle Hay

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Hello Jamin here. Let’s just get this out of the way. Yes, I am supporting an NIT team. Teams in the NIT are people too everybody! Kyle, who you got? ROCK CHALK-KU baby! Typical Kansas fan. I am going to take over the next few weeks the opportunity to introduce to various resources that I […]

Black grapes red wine – How to make red wine at home?

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today we are going to make black grapes red wine ingredients required are half kg black grapes half kg sugar yeast 2 pieces cinnamon , 4-5 cloves 50 grams wheat sterilized water(boiled and cooled down to room temp) first of all add yeast and 1 spoon sugar in warm water and mix well now take […]

How To Make Honey Wine (Mead) at Home

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Hi I’m Raina Lutz for tuja wellness and today I’m gonna be teaching you to make your own mead at home, now making wine and beer is legal in most places but you’ll want to check before we get started, if you’re good to go the first thing I need is some honey, so raw, […]

Gooey Cheese, White Wine, and Good Friends

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Hey, I’m Rick Steves. I’ve just finished filming a beautiful little bit with my wonderful crew — Karel, nice filming! That camera has been busy all day. We got our local guide, Amadé Perrig, and we’re learning about Raclette. Amadé, what are the basic ingredients in Raclette? Amadé: The Raclette is a simple meal — […]

How to Sew a Wine Carrier – Pattern and Assembly

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If you don’t want to go to your next party empty handed, bring a bottle of wine and make it extra nice by carrying it in a handmade wine carrier. This project is a great way to utilize fabric scraps plus people are sure to love your unique carrier. Let’s get started. For supplies, I’ll […]

Cheap Vs. Expensive Wine Taste Test

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– I sense a little, like, gym sock. A pretty woman’s armpit. Vacants of feminism. Do we sound like idiots? (classical music) – It smells like dinner with my parents. – It smells like dinner with Henry’s parents. – It’s a little smokey. – Yeah. That’s a good word for it. That’s really poetic. – […]

The Best Sweet Wine: Sauternes, Made with Rotten Grapes

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Hello, Sweeteness!! Hey, while we’re on the topic of sweet stuff, I’d like to introduce you to a very unique and sought-after dessert wine from the southwest of France. People pay upwards of $100,000 for some bottles of this stuff the good news is that you can have it for much less! I’m going to […]