Red yeast rice wine 红曲米酒 Chinese-style yeast, Korean-style recipe [CC]

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Hello viewers! Today I’m going to show you my attempt to make red yeast rice wine. I’m going to be using a makgeolli recipe, a Korean recipe, but I’m going to be using the Chinese red yeast rice and yeast balls substituted for nuruk. So no nuruk, just the Chinese yeast. So this is going […]

Wine Tasting Tips : Identifying Sweetness in Wine Tasting

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When you first approach a wine for tasting, and you’re actually at the point where you’re ready to taste it by putting it in your mouth, I always tell people the best thing to do is direct your attention to the tip of your tongue. Make sure your wine is in contact with the tip […]

People Try Popular Beer From Around The World

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– By the time we reach these, we’re just like, “This is the best!” (midtempo rock music) – This one smells like a fraternity floor. – It smells a little fruity. – Ooh I like that one. – Very watery. – This is fine. It’s kinda like, fruity. – Has a little bit of a […]

Gallo Wine Storage Tips

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Toll Brothers families love the finer things in life. Today we’re joined by Lindsay Luzar from our premiere partner Ian J. Gallo and Company. Lindsay is going to share her top tips on the best way to store wine in your home. The first tip is keeping your wine cool. Fifty-five degrees is pretty much […]

Wine Storage Mistakes – The Califonia Wine Club

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Hi, my name is Jonathan Boring and welcome to The California Wine Club’s video on wine storage mistakes. Light and sun rays can degrade wine and cause it to age prematurely. This is part of the reason that most wines come in colored glass bottles. Artificial household light won’t do serious damage but it’s still […]

Video Bartending Guide : Opening a Wine Bottle Recipe – Bar Techniques

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See how the TELUS PureFibre™ network powers Winebar Kensington

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My name is Cam and along with my wife Jacq, we own three awesome restaurants: Winebar Kensington, Brasserie Kensington, and Container Bar. We serve small snacks, support local producers, make everything in-house, and serve some really cool wine. We’ve been here for 9 years and I feel like we are a pillar in the Kensington […]

Gatwick Stanhill Court Hotel | Holiday Extras

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The Stanhill Court is a period manor house, set on 35 acres of landscaped gardens and woodland. Here are 7 reasons to book… 1. The hotel is 15 minutes away from the North terminal, and 15 minutes away from the South terminal in good traffic. 2. This is a room only deal. If you do […]

Lowest Calorie Alcohol – Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks LEAST FATTENING Alcoho

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Are Calorie Counts on Booze Coming Soon here’s one of the biggest peculiarity ease of American culture bottled water is required to show how many calories it has that alcoholic beverages are not in fact most boozy isn’t even regulated by the FDA that is under the jurisdiction of the alcohol and tobacco tax and […]

“Whisper” // BREAD & WINE (feat. Ben Smith) // Album: ONE

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“Whisper” (Live) // BREAD & WINE (feat. Ben Smith) // Album: One Written by: Ben Smith & Jason Upton Jesus when you speak to me I hope I’m listening to you Let this heart of mine receive What is full of grace and truth Jesus when you speak to me I hope I’m listening to […]