Drink Part 5【 Epic Undertale Comic Dub】

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Truth or Drink Bridesmaids | Shelbey, Claire & Tiffanie | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Have you ever been attracted to my fiance? – No. – No. – [Shelbey] Never? (laughing) – I am Tiffanie, and I have known Shelbey since we were 10 years old. We both go to U-Dub together and live together. – I’m Claire, and I know these guys just from school. – I’m the […]

Me and My Dying Parent (Madison & Paula) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Alright, ugh. Let’s take a bet on how much longer I have to live. That’s sick. (laughs loudly) – I’m Madison and this is my Mom. – And I’m Paula and that’s my daughter Madison. – [Man] What’s the subject of today? – Ah, well my Mom has lung cancer so we’re gonna talk […]

Blinds Dates Play Truth or Drink (Aaron & Asia) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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You are black? Is that… No. Not… [ mumbles ] [Asia]: Oh… oh… oh [Aaron]: No… not even close… [ music playing ] Alright. Y’up? [Aaron]: Oh hey… [Asia]: [ drawn out ] Hi… [ clears throat ] I guess we can, formally… Aaron… yeah… [ laughter ] Hi… Did you just say you were […]

Parents & Kids Play Truth or Drink (Jarvis & Denise) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Mom, do you masturbate to porn? – You know, actually I have, but– – I don’t wanna know anything else about that. – But you know I had my little toys. – Great, Mom, great, alright, alright, that’s enough. I’m Jarvis. – Me too. (laughs) No, I’m kidding. I’m Denise. I’m– – My mom. […]

The Effect of Alcohol on the Singing Voice | #DrDan 🎤

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Marcus King, Dan Auerbach – Wildflowers & Wine (Acoustic at Easy Eye Sound)

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More Interesting Speech than ‘Parasite’ / Oscar Best Director ‘Bong Joon Ho’ Award Speech [Issue #5]

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Hey, Guys~ I’m ‘Duke in Korea’. After winning best international feature, I thought I was done for the day and was ready to relax. Thank you so much, When I was young and studying cinema, there was a saying that I carved deep into my heart, Which is “The most personal is the most creative.” […]

Masha and The Bear – Gone Fishing! (Episode 8)

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Oh, hi there! Show me a trick! Bear! Look, I can do it too! Oops. These little worms are so great! They’re moving… Bear, did I catch a fish? Did you catch a fish? When can I catch a fish? Where can I catch a fish? Why can’t I catch a fish? What fish can […]

La Plata County officials, Dylan’s mother give Redwine case update after arrest, court appearance

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