CBC News Special: Canada Day 2019

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High Altitude Wines and Mountain Grapes in Cyprus

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Why do high altitude vineyards produce better wines? Today I am standing in the backyard of the stone cottage I am renting in the village of Platres, halfway up the Troodos mountains, on the island of Cyprus. My altitude is currently 1200 metres and I am surrounded by vineyards on every mountain slope. Naturally I […]

Masterclass – How to Taste Wine & Escape a Zip Tie with Tom Lennon – @midnight with Chris Hardwick

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– Hi, this is Thomas Lennon. This is an @Midnight Masterclass, and I love wine. I’m a wine enthusiast, and today, I’m going to show you just a little bit about when you’re tasting wine so you can impress your friends at fancy restaurants. But also, I thought it would be fun, since I’m already […]

Alcohol Awareness

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Purdue Pete says safety is number one. Watch this video and learn. Today’s topic: Purdue Pete, it makes me sad. My friends, they spend their weekends drinking. They could be hurt, or even worse. Purdue Pete listens, and offers some advice. Watch for any of these danger signs. Individuals, semi-conscious or unconscious, cannot be awakened, […]


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this youtube video is a demonstration of my ultra light mini micro pocket portable alcohol backpacking stove in action… I’ll first be cooking some breakfast (oatmeal) with my handy dandy little pocket stove… I’ll be using a homemade diy stand made from wood, some heavy duty wire and tent stake… here you’ll see me removing […]


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Hey guys! Do you like shabu shabu(a type of hot-pot)? Yeah I do Do you remember the time at the camp when we made cheese shabu shabu? -Oh that was awesome So I was looking for other things I can make shabu-shabu with And found that I can use red wine So basically we dip […]

42.This EUPHORIC Fiji Drink Will Make Your Mouth Numb @The Life Nomadik

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تشرب ايه من ستاربكس Starbucks ؟ الجزء الثاني

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Hi , Today we have a new video Again about : (What can you drink from “STARBUCKS” ) ?! Second Part This episode , We are bringing up all drinks we have prepared in the last episode and we are going to try them Taste them and know the differences between them also How much […]

France vs New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Wine

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… to impress people, a wine that is so fruity that everyone’s going to be interested in you know fascinated by this one because it’s got so many different facets that just explode on your palate, that everyone’s going to be like: wow! What is this? Well, go for New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc… What is […]

This Is The First Sake Brewery In Brooklyn, New York

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