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Beer? – No, no… – Chips? I don’t want anything… Chips? Uh… chips… good, eh? Do you want to try…? Are you kidding me, or what bro? What’s up? No, no, buddy, no… Then why do you say “want to try” my brother? I’m telling you, if you have bags of chips, that’s it. No […]

Fight at Sam’s Club escalates when shoppers strike each other with wine bottles

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Reasons To drink More Water Daily

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Guiltless Smoothies (“Just Drink It!” – Advert #1)

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Hello! We’re Guiltless! Want to know what makes our juices and smoothies taste so good?! …Why? Why are you so interested in what makes our juices and smoothies taste so good? It doesn’t matter! If you like it, just DRINK IT and STOP ASKING QUESTIONS! You have no reason not to trust us… because we’re […]

Could red wine slow down or prevent Alzheimer’s?

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Could red wine slow down or prevent Alzheimer’s? Scientists think that resveratrol, a polyphenol compound found in wine, could help by affecting a protein called Amyloid Beta 40. Researchers studied 120 people and found red wine resveratrol had a benefical effect. Read more about this story on the link below.

Secrets to Longevity : Human Longevity Secrets: Red Wine

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If you want to live a long and healthy life, it’s important to, as I mentioned earlier, it’s important to look at the studies that come out that really get a lot of attention in the media, and kind of take it seriously, but not to seriously. The one thing that you’ll find in health […]

Cornell Helps Bring Malting Barley Back to N.Y. Farms and Beer

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UNH 1866 Beer

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[MACHINE SOUNDS] We did this beer a few years ago. It was very well-received. And so we were looking for a way to release it back again. 1866 was the founding of our university. And it’s just a catchy, unique name. We partnered with Tuckerman, because it was important for us to work with the […]


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Hi Guys ! Welcome back to Twilight ASMR=D Boba Custard Cake Woow !!Covered with custards Honey green tea boba drink Super excited !! so soft so yummy!! The cake layer is like soft sponge cake

Americana Huckleberry drink and huckleberry gems candy

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that’s right it’s time to taste test with Tony and today we’re going to be trying I had never heard of a huckleberry apparently it’s a state berry of Idaho which is kind of interesting but I’ve got a couple things made with huckleberries you’ve got huckleberry gems which these are huckleberry marshmallow creme covered […]