7 Drinks You Should Avoid Like The Plague While You’re Pregnant

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Pregnancy comes with a long list of do’s and don’ts, and they’re hard to keep track of! If you’re a little confused about what you should or shouldn’t be drinking over the course of those nine long months, here’s what you need to know. For some, it can be hard to picture going nine months […]

थंडगार मँगो लस्सी | Mango Lassi Recipe | Cool Summer Drink | MadhurasRecipe | Ep – 363

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Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to MadhurasRecipe Marathi Let’s see how to make mango lassi today. We have seen lot many mango recipes last year like Mango cake, mango kalakand, mango burfi, mango mastani and lot many. I don’t remember names too. We also have seen how to make mango ice cream. This is […]

2020 Jay Fund wine tasting gala

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We get a wine tasting lesson from Cooper’s Hawk

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Why Does Bonking Beer Bottles Create Foam? – Instant Egghead #66

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[Scientific American] [Instant Egghead] [Clink] That is a terrible thing to do to a beer. All that delicious, malty goodness gone to waste. But, why should a tap on top trigger a foam explosion, while a clink on the side signals the start of a drink with friends? It has to do with the shape […]


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This is an armored centipede that I’ve been promised isn’t poisonous. That feels so weird. Our first night sleeping in the Amazon was a success. All the animals and bugs were so loud it sounded like a noisemaker it was so awesome. Today is our first day of adventures every group at the oto… every […]

TRENDING: Wine Prices are Dropping + Whiskey and Wine Winners

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WTF – Sonic Beer Foamer

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So what you’re saying is SONIC FOAM!!! I would just like to say from the get-go what is the freaking point of this invention Supposedly, what this does is when you put beer into a glass and you put this on You push a button and it will give you foam on your beer which […]

How to Make Beer Cheese (Pub Cheese)

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Irish pub cheese is a great party appetizer that everyone will enjoy After all, what’s not to love about beer, cheese and pretzels?This looks like a party. So let’s get it started! Come into my kitchen Let me show you how to make pub cheese. The first step is to sacrifice some of your favorite […]

Drinking Tea Every Day Will Do This To Your Body

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Hey there, viewers! People from different countries around the world start their day with a cup of tea. This may seem weird since so many of us are used to coffee. Tea is better for you, with several different health benefits. For instance, it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes. But wait, […]