3 Things I Wish I’d Known About Alcohol Inks!

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hi everyone welcome to Hedgehog Hollow today I have the three things I wish I’d have known before I started working with alcoholics now the first one I want to cover all the surfaces because you can’t just put alcohol inks on any surface it’s not going to work for you do you really need […]

Wine and Management Programme in Paris | Le Cordon Bleu Paris

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I believe that students come to learn the expertise that we naturally possess in thewine industry profession in France and also expertise which is essential if you want to evolve in this field – in wine industry roles. They choose Le Cordon Bleu because we personify excellence and thanks to the fact that we can […]

A Roman recipe for rose wine. How to make rose wine.

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Vanuit mijn rommelige keuken! Vandaag gaan we terug in de tijd. Met een echte Romeinse tip. Dit is een recept voor rozenwijn. Ik heb dit recept gevonden in één van de oudste kookboeken die er bestaan. Namelijk de ‘De re Coquinara’. Het is een Romeins kookboek geschreven door Apicius in de 4de eeuw na Christus. […]

RHONY: I Need to Start Drinking Alcohol (Season 8, Episode 20) | Bravo

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oh, my gosh; you look like you’re dead. Don’t be hard on yourself like this. This is not your doing. – Can I–I’m gonna say something. – Men are–I’ve never been the person who said that. Men are f—ing animals. – But I want to tell you something. I just got a phone call from […]

What does the Bible say about Alcohol?

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What does the Bible say about drinking alcohol? Wine, beer, liquor… Bottom line, the bible says it’s ok to drink, but drink responsibly. I’ll tell you what, let’s take a look at what the Bible actually says. This is out of the book of Ephesians: “And don’t get drunk with wine, which leads to reckless […]

The Rotten Grapes Behind this Legendary Wine

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– [Narrator] This story starts in Hungary, land of hot baths, daredevil horsemen and some very funky sweet wine. This guy, loves rocks. He has over 21 different types. He believes these volcanic rocks are what makes his wine taste the best in the world. Tokaji is known as Hungary’s world famous sweet wine country. […]

Wines of Crete

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in the center of the Mediterranean Sea lies an island lined with postcard pretty beaches and sapphire blue waters with its unique natural landscape and its easygoing summer lifestyle Crete has become one of the world’s most popular vacation spots but despite its popularity Crete has kept many of its treasures secret known only to […]

Don’t Drink Your Calories! Danger on soda drinks

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Don’t Drink Your Calories! If you drink soda pop, especially the caffeinated kind, it could kill you. But most especially, it can go right after your kid’s health. Pop gives the average teenager approximately 12.5 teaspoons of refined sugar a day. It works out to that much more than what our US government has determined […]

Horrifying – Soft Drinks Processing at Dinh Nguyen Production Facility 26Apr.2016 ll VTV24

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(SAY ‘NO’ TO DIRTY FOOD) All the soft drinks, i just sell to no one but students. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here and with you to find out more about ‘colored’ soft drink stories. The reason why we name them ‘colored’ is that there’s not any natural ingredients as we usually think. Some people might […]

Laura Catena: “Vino Argentino: An Insider’s Guide to the Wines & Wine Country of Argentina”

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SHANNON: She’s a fourth generation Argentine vintner and an emergency physician in San Francisco at UCSF and CPMC Children’s Hospital. She grew up in Argentina during the military dictatorship, finished high school in the East Bay, and studied biology at Harvard and medicine at Stanford. Today, she’s managing director of her family winery, Bodega Catena […]