Live Rescue: Day Drinking Buddy (Season 2) | A&E

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Live in the D: What’s the Buzz- Are you drinking wine the right way?

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The Napa Valley Wine Train – a quick taste of one of Napa’s best experiences

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The Napa Valley wine train, so we know this technically isn’t a winery, but we wanted to highlight it anyway since it’s such an amazing way to experience Napa. It may seem a little pricey at first glance, but when you actually add everything up in terms of transportation, food and wine tastings, it’s one […]

Urinary Tract Infection | How To Prevent UTI (2018)

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Urinary tract infections, does cranberry juice really help? here’s five simple tips that can actually help prevent a UTI the urinary tract infection or UTI for short UTIs are a worldwide global issue with eight billion doctor visits worldwide it’s the number one bacterial infection and women are 20 to 1 men likely to have […]

This Much Will Kill You

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We all know to stay away from poisons. Like mercury where ingesting a 200 milligram dose would kill you. Or polonium which only requires 1 g of vaporized substance to wipe out 50 million people! But did know that 70 cups of coffee contains enough caffeine to kill a 70 kg person? This amount of […]

Drink a tree on your next camping trip! ;)

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Welcome to “Half Pint Hacks” where awesomeness is our specialty. Today we are going to drink a tree!!!! Yay!!! Alastair: Wait, that’s crazy. Yes, Alastair, it’s a bit crazy but some of the best things in the world are crazy. You have to ask yourself: “Is this crazy awesome or just crazy?” Are you going […]

HOW TO DRINK ALLOT OF ALCOHOL (behind the scenes) – DDbT [Ep. 04]

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Wine, Women & Shoes to benefit Family Scholar House

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GIRL CHUGS BEER by Natalie Nightwolf that my greatest friends so today I want to work towards a goal that I have in mind you got to start small when you’re working towards your goals you know you gotta have a starting point so today’s video is that starting point I want to learn how […]

Japanese Try German Food, Beer and Snacks! (GERMANY PART 5)

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