Mastering the Basics How to Deglaze a Pan with Alcohol

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So, typically, we want to flambé, or deglaze a pan when we’re making a pan sauce. In this case we really have a chicken leg, that we’ve caramelized, in just some, canola oil. And, as you can see there are nice brown bits, and that’s, that’s really the, the technique is, we want to deglaze […]

Sonic Sez – Hero of the Year (Alcohol)

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Wine tasting with Jancis Robinson and Martin Wolf

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Mm, this is so good. Ooh, I like what’s that. Thank you, great. A bit of nice claret. Why did you choose this Chateau Duhard-Milon 2005 Paulliac from Bordeaux? Well, the answer is obviously fairly simple. I like it. And unlike its big brother, Chateau Lafite, it’s affordable. It’s more affordable. So it’s a very […]

Introduction to Austrian wine: History, wine regions, wines & Erste Lagen with Michael Moosbrugger

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Michael, can you give us an overview of the history of Austrian wine and the sort of production that the country had for many centuries. Well, looking to, looking into the history of Austrian wine, we can go even back to Celtic times in Austria. So within Europe, Austria has one of the oldest wine […]

Science for kids – How to make fizzy bottle rockets – ExpeRimental #16

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These bottle rockets were a really fun and exciting way that the children can do science on the playground. Today we are going to do an amazing fantastic scientific experiment. This experiment is gonna involve these tablets that you may have seen at home, paracetamol. But these are fizzy paracetamol. When these paracetamol hit the […]

Can of Soda in Liquid Nitrogen!

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Frostbite Theater presents… Cold Cuts! No baloney! Just science! Hi! I’m Joanna! And I’m Steve! Today, we find out what happens when we place a can of soda in liquid nitrogen! Excellent! Ummm… You should probably take that outside. Ya’ think? Yeah. Okay. [Door] Kerchunk. Apparently, Steve has forgotten that soda is mostly water, and […]

Is your child suffering from asthma? Bananas may help

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Cloud Macchiatos: 5 Things To Know About Starbucks’ New Drink – News Today

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Is your coffee too bitter? Add some ‘Sweetener,’ or try the new Cloud Macchiato from Starbucks Here are the details on the new drink – including how it’s connected to Ariana Grande!    Everyone loves Ariana Grande, but when will be able to get an Ariana “Venti?” This joke took one step closer to becoming […]

How to smuggle alcohol on a cruise ship – Tipsy Bartender

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(rock music) – Mallory, what are we making? – Actually I don’t know. (both laugh) – We showing people how to smuggle booze on a cruise ship. The thing with cruise ships is they don’t like you to bring on your own alcohol, okay you show up there with your bottle of rum they can […]

Alcohol Can Enhance Creativity—But at a Cost

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Thanks to CuriosityStream for supporting this episode! Go to to learn more. [ ♪ INTRO ] Maybe you’ve heard the advice, “write drunk, and edit sober.” Or about the “Ballmer peak” — that people write computer code best if they calibrate their blood alcohol level to be just right. Even if these are meant […]