National Drink Wine Day

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Your Brain on Crack Cocaine

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Wine Experts Taste Dogshit Wine

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(mellow jazz music) (wine splashes) – I’m Grant, and I drink wine with dinner. – My name is Tad and I am a sommelier. – My name is Michele and I am a master somm. (plunking) (mellow jazz music) – Thank you. Yeah, okay. Okay, the aromas are a definitely very mature fruit flavor. Mm, […]

NitroBrew – Make Any Beer a Masterpiece

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There are glasses of beer and there are works of art. Ballets of bubbles. Ales you sip with your eyes. Heads of foam, thick and silky. . Flavor that effervesces on the tongue and dances on the palate. When you taste these works of art, it changes you. And you’ll thank the bartender who served […]

Why Does Beer Get Skunked?

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Attention beer lovers. We’re about to save you the trauma of losing anymore brews to skunking. It’s a miserable feeling when you’ve cracked open a cold one on a beautiful sunny day, only to take a sip and find out that it tastes and smells like a skunk’s behind. So what the heck happened to […]

The Fight For Safe Drinking Water In The East Metro

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Chefs Night Out: Drinking Cobra Sake & Eating the Best Vietnamese Food in NYC

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-I feel surprisingly well today. I did drink quite a bit. -Bottoms up. -Oh! [ Group cheering ] [ Electricity crackling ] ♪♪ -My name is Dennis Ngo. I’m the executive chef here at Di An Di. We’re in Greenpoint, which is the northernmost tip of Brooklyn. We kind of view ourselves as the next […]

Tips on how to store wine without a wine fridge

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– Here’s a tip for keeping wine, if you don’t have a wine cellar. Heat variation and sunlight are the enemies of wine, so your best bet is to find the darkest part of the house, with the most stable temperatures. The bottom of a cupboard works great for this, especially in a darkened room. […]

I Let My Kids Plan My Newborn’s First Big Day Out

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BEST Hydration Booster Power Drink

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Next stop we have our juice. Now this is a big hit a brand new product to the forever family. This is a product that you are going to add to the gel. Now let’s be real. Those of us who tastes are aloe gel for the first time we understand that it tastes a […]