How to Remove Red Wine Stains | At Home With P. Allen Smith

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Red wine stains? Most people think you can’t get them out. Let me show you otherwise. Let me show you a little remedy for getting this red wine out of a shirt. Just look at that — what a disaster. What you wanna do is — the first thing is to try and get to […]

Muscadine Wine Straight from the Vine

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so muscadines are kind of a staple of the south I remember growing up it seemed like everybody you knew had a musket on vine at their house people like to eat them just fresh off the vine you can make jelly out of them and then some people make wine out of them as […]

Cialis & Erectile Dysfunction | Erection Problems

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Cialis is a medication that’s commonly prescribed for erectile dysfunction. It is a medication, in the class of medications is called Phosphodiesterase 5 Inhibitors. What these medications do is block an enzyme within the penile tissues, and this causes the elevation of some other compounds that act as what we call vasodilators. These compounds facilitate […]

3 Simple Home Remedies To TREAT URINARY TRACT INFECTION (UTI) In Women

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Hello and welcome, In this video we are going to talk about urinary tract infection. UTI is a painful infection that often is accompanied by a burning sensation during urination and an urge to urinate often. This occurs most commonly in women. Lets take a look at some simple remedies that you can try at […]

TIC Gums–Beverage Syrup: Does This Have Gum In It?

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[music] >>NICOLL: Hi and welcome to Does This Have Gum in It? In this installment we’re going to be looking at syrups that sweeten beverages. We’ve got two glasses of tea here and two different kinds of syrup. Now I know that this one is fully sugared and has no gum in it. It makes […]

How to Sublimate Beverage Insulators / Coozies

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Hi this is Jamie with Coastal Business Supplies. Today we are going to go over one of our many sublimation blanks, our beverage insulators – right after this! And we’re back. Today we are going to be pressing one of our beverage insulators. We have printed on legal size paper using our SG400 by Sawgrass. […]

Alcohol Ink & Glitter Ornaments

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– [Jennifer] Hello and welcome once again. This is Jennifer McGuire. Today, I’m not sharing cards, but instead, showing how you can use your crafting supplies to create ornaments. I’ll be doing both alcohol ink ornaments, and glitter ornaments, and will even have a few examples where you can combine the two. Now, I just […]

No alcohol allowed: Teens lead the fight against alcoholism in Saskatchewan | Sober House

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We’re just a group of teenagers from a high school. We never thought we were going to get this far. Ayla: We got this. This is going places. This is going to do something. It’s going to make a change. Paywapin: Like, we tell our stories, and they listen and they think about it. Who […]

LemonAid : Organic and fair trade soft drinks !

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Hi everyone ! Today I’m with Arthur from LemonAid. Hi. Can you tell us what’s in this bottle ? In this LemonAid and Charitea bottle, there is a social project We’re a foundation and we support industries in south regions for their development projects We decide to self-financing ourselves by the selling of our drinks. […]

Lose up to 10 kg (22 lb) by ditching your soft drink or soda pop – sugar shocker

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In Australia, on average, at least 110 L of soft drink is drunk per person per year. In the USA, each person guzzles 46 gallons or a massive 174 L per year. One of the biggest sources of sugar in the human diet is soft drink, soda pop, and fizzy drinks. 1 can of soft […]