Through the Grapevine: Natural Wine Flaws

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[music] What makes wine wine is really the tartness, the crispness, the acidity of the grapes and subsequently the wine. There are two major acids in every berry of grapes and those are tartaric and malic acid. So the main salt we find in wine is potassium bitartrate. If we have alcohol formed the solubility […]

The Try Guys Try The World’s Grossest Alcohols

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(violent retching) (yelling) – [Eugene] Wait, swallow it. Wow. (smacks lips) – It’s 9:00am and we are gonna get drunk. (laughs) – Today we are trying the grossest alcohol the world has to offer. – Eww. – Anything could be in these drinks. – We’re not gonna know, and we’re gonna have to guess after […]

CE Webinar: How to get insight into wines and spirits

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I would like to talk about capillary electrophoresis method and how to solve many analytical tasks in the beverages industry this is actually stated in the title of my presentation how to get insight into wine and spirits; fast and reliable chemical analysis The content of this presentation: First, I would like to introduce our […]

Bryggjan Bruggh├║s, Iceland (Teaser) Beer, Wine and Spirits E4

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(bright music) – Hello, I’m Arturo. I’m the head brewer at Bryggjan Brewery. – Cheers. – Cheers. – [Arturo] I grew up in a farm just by foothills in Mendoza, the Argentina wine region. And the mountains were never far. I always been very curious, as well. So it’s always the thing of reaching a […]

Jimmy Vestvood: Wine Tasting (Maz Jobrani)

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– Good evening, world wide web, this is Jimmy Vestvood from the famous blockbuster movie Today we’re gonna try something a little different and very sophisticated, what I like to call wine tasting. This is for 21 and older only, if you’re under 21, turn off the computer and go drink some apple juice, […]

How To Find Out If Your Wine Is Vegan?

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Hello and welcome to Underneath the Bottle My name is Michael and today, I am going to let you know the best possible way to know if your wine is vegan, or not… So, stay tuned for that. Wine is such a good thing and if you are both a wine lover and vegan. you […]

I Banned Sugar For A Week

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^- Peanut butter and jelly. – Poo poo. – Cool, I love having boys! (upbeat music) Sugar. Sugar. Everything has sugar! ^I’m Hannah. ^I’m the world’s OK-est mom and my family has a sugar problem. Now, I feel like it’s my fault because I’m a busy working mom and I let a lot of things […]

Sweet with desserts – Sweet Wine Course #8

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Hello, I’m going to tell you about pairings between Sweet Bordeaux wines and desserts. So, the sweetness of desserts goes Perfectly well with the sweetness of wines. It’s like stepping into a treat world, Voluptuous, sensual. All desserts, fruit based, acidic, refreshing like apricot or citrus fruit, but also desserts that are slightly bitter made […]

How to Drink Vermouth (& Pair it with Tapas) Like a Local

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– Hey, Spain lovers. I adore vermouth. I’ve fallen in love with vermouth in Spain. It’s just a magical drink wrapped in a wonderful tradition. But what is vermouth? What’s in it? How is it served in Spain? How do you order it? What tapas do you eat it with? Stick with me in this […]

Red White and Blue Sangria

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Sparkling red, white, and blue sangria. The white wine allows the eye-catching red and blue colors from the fresh berries to shine through In a large, clear pitcher combine the wine, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and white grape juice refrigerate for up to four hours to let the flavors blend when it’s party time slowly stir […]