Do Quakers Drink Alcohol?

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That’s an interesting question, as well. For a long time, probably from the early 1800s well into the mid 20th century, if you heard the term “Quaker” you thought abstemious, you thought teetotal. And that was largely the case, but early Quakers drank because it was about the only healthful drink you had available to […]

നറുനീണ്ടി സർബത്ത്/Naruneendi Sarbath / Naruneendi Syrup home made recipe ||| Ep 140

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Hello,welcome to Neethas Tasteland I am Neetha Rajeev, Let’s make Sarsaparilla extract /Naruneendi syrup today We can make Sarsaparilla lemon sarbath with this extract Let’s see the ingredients Rinse Sarsaparilla in plain water for 3 – 4 times and crush it we have crushed Sarsaparilla /Naruneendi Take a pan and add water to it add […]

Leaky gut syndrome presented by: Dr. Andre Hines

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Hello everyone, thank you for joining me for my webinar Gut syndrome. This is by far the most requested topics that I get from my LinkedIn Instagram Do you name it? That’s because there’s so little Good quality information out there about leaky gut syndrome, so I’m going to cover this today. Obviously. I cannot […]

Universal Wine Glass

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Hey Tasters! Last night I was tasting some wine with a sommelier friend of mine, and she made a big point about how much the shape of the wine glass affects the aromas and the taste of the wine. I couldn’t believe it, but you know what, we tasted wine side-by-side in two different wine […]

Choosing a Wine Refrigerator

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hey everybody its Lana and Rowland from with a quick guide to choosing a wine refrigerator. How to choose a wine cooler. Best Wine coolers. Best wine fridge. Choosing a wine fridge. Waterford Raiders are practical way to keep wind chill for drinking are stored for the short or long haul become in many […]

UCLA study IDs a promising new treatment for alcoholism

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We want to know whether this medication may actually reduce cravings for alcohol; whether it might change how you feel when you do drink alcohol. And to get those answers we bring them into the laboratory, we administer the medication for a period of time and then present our patients with alcohol and record how […]

Best and Worst Keto Sweeteners

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as you probably know by now one of the main pillars of a ketogenic diet is avoiding nearly all sugars and carbs keeping our carb macro super low is what allows our bodies to trigger ketosis and start rapidly burning fat as an energy source but for those who are new to a low-carb diet […]

Tests for Alcohols – MeitY OLabs

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Tests for Alcohols Alcohols are organic compounds containing the hydroxyl functional group. They are formed by replacing the hydrogen atom of a hydrocarbon with a -OH group. Alcohols are classified as monohydric, dihydric and trihydric depending on the number of hydroxyl groups. They are further classified as primary (1), secondary (2�) and tertiary (3�) according […]

Does Drinking Alcohol Kill Your Gut Bacteria?

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From the hand sanitizer at your favorite food truck to those single-use wipes at the doctor’s office, alcohols are used to disinfect things all the time. So every time you have an alcoholic drink, it’s basically like microbe-killing juice… which doesn’t sound so great for the helpful critters in your gut. But, turns out, drinking […]

Wine Sulphites and the Infamous Red Wine Headache

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What on Earth are Sulphites and who put them in my wine? I thoroughly enjoyed researching this topic and can’t wait to share with you all the interesting information I have found out about sulphites in wine! And stick around till the end for a bonus tip about the infamous red wine headache and its […]